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I have the MDR-D22SL's - should I even think of upgrading to the D66SL's?

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I think over the last few weeks we "Eggo" lovers have made our feelings known on the forum about how much we love our cans. I'm, currently, listening to my D22's on my E707 player, and they have become my favourite headphone. The sound is very warm, the bass is smooth, and the highs are just perfect.

I've read many glowing reports of the "big brother" D66's, and am wondering if getting these is worth it, already having the D22's? Maybe I need to be convinced that I should be a happy camper...
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Be a happy camper. I mean, if you like the sound of your cans why spending more money on upgrades, just enjoy. It is certain that D 66 will be better in any respect, after all they cost twice as much, but in their price range there are other phones to consider as well.
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well, as a d66 owner (who never tried the d22) i can say i am okay with paying about $100 for the d66. $70 would have been better though. i keep having low expectations about the d66 sound, but every time i use them i get a slight jolt from how good they actually are (especially from the cha47 amp). sbg, i bet you could sell your d22....
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I think I'll keep my trusty D22SL's, and my "next" over-the-head cans will be the D66's.

Redshifter, I'm surprised you'd expect something less than sparkling performance from your cans. Have you had unfavourable experiences with Sony headphones, in the past?
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i have tried many a crappy sony headphone in the past, before i knew about the dozen or so good ones. re: the d66, i'm just not used to such a good headphone being so light, so my initial subliminal impression is "cheap sony cans". but they're not. anyone who has the v6 and likes the sony sound but wants to upgrade, the d66 would be a good choice.
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I guess we have to the Internet to thank for allowing us to discover some of these "secrets" of the Land of the Rising Sun. This forum allows us to share our knowledge and findings; I had no idea about the Eggo-series of cans until I logged onto MiniDisco, and found many, here, raving about them. They are NOT cheap, but, that's life.

However, the D22's and D66's are just the right weight, small, stylish, very functional, sound superb, and LOVE MiniDisc!. Hard to believe, for sure, unless you have them surrounding your ears..... How about something like an MDR-D44SL to fill in the gap....?
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okay i've been trolling here for a week now trying to figure out what set of cans i should buy. and i've basically settled on the D66 or the V6

i bought those horrid v600s, returned them the next day. then i ordered the v700dj's and waited 2 weeks, then returned them the next day. while i'm sure they will sound better after a longer burn-in, the best either could hope to do is go from really suck, to just plain suck.

i've read all the posts here about the D66 and the general feeling i get from them is that they are much less analytical than the V6 and have a better midrange. would you say that the D66 are better than the V6 then? What do the V6 cans do better than the D66? how long is the SL cord on the D66 ?

I plan to use them for my computer, and also my minidisc and mp3 players. i mostly listen to R&B/Urban music...
Does anybody have any suggestions for me??
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The SL cord is about 13" long, plus an optional 38" extension. I think it's an ingenious approach to using cans with remotes, as you don't have that tangled, long cord to worry about. Of course, with extension added, you have the option of plugging straight into the player device if you don't want to use the remote.

I have never heard the V6's nor the D66's, but I suspect the latter would be a better choice, having owned the D22SL's. The Eggos-series cans seem very suited to MiniDisc.
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