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Thanks DingoSmuggler,

Does anyone know about the volume knob and heat sinks?

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Looks like a P2/K7 CPU heatsink.

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They look similar, but not 100% the same from this:


Doesn't the P2/K7 CPU heatsink have a fan on it? Did smeggy just remove it? 

Is there any way to contact smeggy since he went off the radar?



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Yep, the fan is removable.

Look close and you can see where the screws (that held the fan in place) were threaded into it.

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Ok, thanks a million

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Where do y'all get knobs for the Alps blue velvet 50k? I want a sweet wood knob
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musky - cool site. Will have to think of going with them for my next build. I have to flip a quarter -- Krell KSA5 Klone or HeadWatt amp.


For now here are some pix of my EHHA Rev A. Still haven't figured out why I'm having intermittent low level hum. It still sounds fantastic. Right now I'm running the amp with the 6N27Ps. Had the Tele 6GM8s in there, but felt they gave my Alpha Primes too much edge on the upper mids.


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Your amp looks great!  A couple quick and easy's you might try is to twist all of your AC wiring.  Also, your AC wiring for the heater supply on the right (?) channel seems pretty close to your input wiring, though the wiring there does appear to be shielded.


I received the front and rear panels a couple of days ago for my KSA5 build.  Should have it running in a week or two.  The box for the power supply has been finished for a couple of months now.  I did manage to give it a listen for a few minutes a while back and it sounded good.  Waves on my scope also looked good.  Too many projects to finish anything quickly.   Started on AMB's y3.


I wish I could help you decide what to build next.  I like the sound all my amps, though I will say that something keeps drawing me to the HeadWatt.



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Next amp for you has to be all tube :P you have enough SS and Hybrid!
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Congrats Mullet nicely built! I've got the EHHA kit from glassjar, but haven't had time to start building it.

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Thanks gabriel-dan. It's a fun build. The only thing I'm not a fan of is all the wiring. It's a bunch of spaghetti. Get building!!! I wanna see pix.


musky -- I'll take a look at the wiring situation. I don't think the input wiring is close to the right side heater wiring. It's weird the buzz comes and goes. I'm having a strange suspicion it's the tube socket. I recently changed tubes and it went away. Then after turning it on and off came back a little bit later. Anyhow, I'll eventually crack this puppy open again to see if I can figure it out.


DutchGFX - yup my next build will be the HeadWatt. It's an all tube design, well almost... it uses output transformers.

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that's my signal cable.

Bullet Plug and quad 22AWG cable teflon/kapton isulated

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Nice job on the amp Mullet!

I'm sure you'll figure out the hum issue.

Just noticed the knob on there. It looks really cool. Did it come with the chassis or did you get it separately?

Enjoy biggrin.gif
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Kerry thanks for the encouragement.


The knob was made by a head-fier from Estonia. Engraving is his specialty. His work is impeccable. A better picture of my knob is in his gallery on his website.



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