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** quick impression on the SQ (bluetooth connection):

- sound is a bit bright, presentation is rather layback, sound stage not very open. Output power is pretty ok, some distortion at max volume when running hard-to-drive ortho phones (32 ohm SFI drivers), but definitely have enough juice for average movie/videos watching. Maybe the brightness will subside a little after some burn-in.



Picture of the internals


To open the plastic case, first pop open the end panels:



then pop off the top panel:



... move the board out of the way.... the battery is underneath. Battery capacity is 850mAH, 35x50mm, 5mm thick. The bottom panel thickness is about 1.6mm.  (which means if the battery is moved else where, the total thickness of the case can potentially be reduced to around 10mm)



the underside of the board has a piece of thick paper (insulator layer?).....



.... close up, after removing the paper insulator piece....



.... close up of the top side of the board....

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