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I'd really like to hear:

Linn CD12
47 Labs Pitracer/Progression
Meitner/emmlabs/philips combo
DCS transport/dac

Who knows if any of them qualify in the top 3 though. I'm just going by the lesser models of these companies that I liked.
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I was thinking about getting the dCs combo but at £3500 I could get the tri-vista SACD by musical fidelity for £3000. I think the dcs would be better though.
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I have a Naim CDS/CDPS

I would like a Naim CDS11/XPS

I dream of a Naim CDS3/XPS2

In my book I rate all three.
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Any Wadia????
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The Top 3 I’ve Heard:

1. Meridian G08
2. Accuphase DP-85
3. Esoteric DV-50

I recently heard the Linn and it's not nearly as good as some of the other players listed in this thread. The Linn was once the (arguably) best CD player, but much has changed in the years since its release. The Linn's amazing transport would be a great asset when connected to today's top-of-the-line DACs. I think many people just tend to assume it’s the “best” since it was so revolutionary-sounding at the time and due to the incredibly high MSRP. I’ll take any of the above 3 over the Linn Sondek CD12 any day (and enjoy the used car I can afford with the savings over the Linn).
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First let me say that I have enjoyed your posts over the past year, they were always informative.

I could not agree with you more about the Linn - I can think of a number of players costing half as much as the Linn I would rather have even if the Linn was no more expensive.

Let me offer this: I used the Accuphase 90/91 Transport and DAC seperates for the past few years up until very recently when I decided an upgrade was in order. I always liked the Accuphase so the DP-85 was top on my list to audition but there are a number of players out there that bettered it handily.

The meitner system was the best think I have heard and clearly bettter in virtually every way than the Accuphase. The dCs sererates were better, and still in the "elite" class but really not my cup of tea.

I personally ended up with the Burmester (another truly exceptional player). Simply put, in the areas of resolution, finesse and an organic sound (as opposed to mechanical or HIFI sound) the difference between the Burmester compared to the DP-85 was like the differences in those same catagories between the R-10 and the HD650s. I always really liked the Accuphase (I really like the HD650s too) but it is just not in the same ballpark....I have not heard the Weiss but I hear from some people I have compared notes with over the years that it is exceptional as well.

In my opinion the DP-85 is very good but a tier down along with the Wadia 861 and the Levinson 31 and 30.5 seperates.

2 cents! if you are looking for a new front end.
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mbratrud>What do you think of the wadia 860x. I have read reports that some people think this is better than the 861 although you can upgrade it to the 861 if you wish. I have recently been looking on ebay UK and there is a wadia 860x for £2900. Is this the going price or is it under/overvalue. I am currently looking and auditioning high end cd players. Do you think this is a first good choice. Also because they are rare in the UK If I didn't like the sound do you think I could sell it on and not take such a huge hit? I would like to try a mark levinson one box system (can't remember the model number) apparently that's suppose to quite good.
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I have never heard the 860 in my system but I have heard the 861. The x designation on the 860 adds 96 kHz capability - the 861 already has that capability.

I think Wadia makes a great player - a very upfront sound, very detailed and good stage if you listen on speakers. Build quality is superb. Resale is very good too if you buy it right.

IF I were going to buy a Wadia right now I would certainly give this guy a call and think long and hard about this modded unit for around $5,800 he is asking - I have talked to this guy when he worked a Jeff Rowland Design Group and he was a really nice guy:

"Custom built for me at Wadia 861 when I worked there. Unique digital filter and output section, hand-matched current conveyors, W270 transport mechanism, WBT connectors, additional noise and RF/EMI filtering, internal silver conductors, Cardas power cable (included!), digital inputs/outputs, ALL accessories, etc.

Most of you know me as Rich from Rowland (rmaez@jeffrowland.com). Why am I selling? Because I'm designing my own player and the proto work is EXPENSIVE.

Cannot ship to most countries overseas, as the unit has a 120V AC input module. If you're overseas and can change the module, then no problem, but it's your issue from the minute it leaves my hands.

The unit is black. Additional pictures available upon request."

.................................................. ........................................

The Mark Levinson players are the 39s and the 390s. The 39s can be bought used for around $2,200 and the 390s can be had for less than $4,000 used.

That said it is my opnion that the 360s is a better DAC but you'd need a good transport and you don't get the analogue attenuation offered by the 39s or the 390s. The outputs were nowhere near as good when I tried them as my Mark Levinson 380s (I always preferred the sound of the 390s using the preamp than going directly into the amplifier).

The Levinson sound is darker and smoother than Wadia 861's and not quite so extended at the frequency extremes. But the midrange on the Levinson 390s edges out that of the Wadia IMHO....Either resolves well enough for any headphones I have heard but in a really resolving speaker based system neither is as resovling as the players I talked about in my earlier post.

The Wadia has digital attenuation but you need to be careful about system matching to use it well since if you attenuate too much you loose resolution. With little attenuation the Wadia sounded very good run directly into an amplifier, and that is the way I would use it if I could.

I'd certainly give a look to Accuphase as well. They are equally as well built as the Wadia or Levinson. Their resale is very good and the sound quality, while very different from the Levinson or Wadia is on a par with either out of say the dp-75v.
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seriously you can get a levinson 390s for less than $4000. Now u got me interested big time. I don't need amplifiers or speakers for that matter. It's just gonna be a headphone only system. I am just about completing a purchase of a headphone amp (valve based), the headphones I already have and now is crunch time. It doesn't bother me if it's used high end cd players, nobody gonna drop $8000-£$9000 on a cd player and treat it like $100 sony discman are they. The problem is the voltage thing. Most levinson can be corrected via a voltage converterbut I am not so sure about the wadia's. If it says 50 hz 220-240v they I can Use it. Unless it's one of the krells with the smart chip inside and won't allow u to use it.
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Arguably, one of the best CDPs ever made (judging from my endless trawling of the internet) is a Philips unit...

The LHH2000, not quite sure of its application, i'm guessing its a studio based player (although its not rack mounted) - anyway... going by its following, and the lengths that people will go to own one... its gotta be good....

The last one that I've seen on an online auction went for the equivilant of €11,000 (Yes, eleven thousand!! for an old school player)

Also, its two box brother, the LHH1000 is supposedly quite a catch, this was a Philips statement player from way back when... crazy ideas went into its construction (total weight is around 40 kilos )

They're two players I want to hear, but probably never will
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pls take a look, this monster cdp may be the most expensive cdp in the world
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sorry, I realize my post was inappropriate.
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so, another convert..

still haven't heard one...i haven't got any replies from him yet..
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Naim CD5
Esoteric DV-50
Cary Audio CD-308T
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Originally Posted by jefemeister
I haven't heard this unit, but it is a blantant ripoff of the Wadia 921 Reference Decoding Computer System which was supposed to launch this summer, but has been delayed. I'm especially pissed off about it because I was the one that conceptualized and built the first 921 prototype almost 2 years ago. Sorry for the hijack.
You guys buy some of your 'top of line' transports from them, so how is it that it is TEAC that has ripped your technology. Did you ship off your concept to TEAC in Japan?
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