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Hey everyone,


It's been a very long time since I've visited Head-fi but I need some suggestions. I'm trying to decide between picking up the Westone 3 or the UM3X that I found for a pretty decent price on Amazon. The UM3X is about 30 bucks more than the 3, plus I have a gift card to spend on them. I've actually had the Westone 3 about 6 years back and they sounded OK. The v-shape signature was pretty fun to listen to but sometimes left me with bass headaches and treble did fatigue ater a while. I had the Westone 3 reshelled into customs thinking they'll sound much better but ended being a horrible mistake that pretty much ruined them. The UM3X from what I read doesn't seem to have the same v-shape signature that the Westone 3 has and it has removable cables. These IEMs are replacing my Westone 1 that I've been using for the last 5 years that recently broke (I snapped the nozzle off of the right bud). I wonder if the UM3X would be easier to listen to? I usually like more resolution, detail, transparency in my music which I think the Westone 3 had but was a bit extreme. Any ideas?