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Review: EarWerkz Legend Omega and Legend R - With Comparisons

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Review: EarWerkz Legend Omega and Legend R – With Comparisons






Photos courtesy of EarWerkz.



Imagine pure bliss.  To some, it may be a vacation to some exotic island, partaking in extra-curricular activities such as snowboarding or skiing at your favorite mountainous resort, or a spa day at a relaxing wellness location. Bliss can also be relistening to albums and streams with any new headphones or earphones you just purchased – if you come to love the sound signature of your new headphones or earphones.  In this revelation of pure bliss, the Legend Omega and the Legend R are the definition - and the answer.  So grab a tasty drink of your choice, a snack or two, kick back and relax as you’ll be immersed with an in-depth look into the magnificently created auditory bliss that I am experiencing as I am writing this review.  If you aren’t able to get that tasty drink or snack in your hands just yet, imagine you are in comfort as being happy is a choice - and why not choose to be happy?  You are now ready for the adventure, so let’s go!


EarWerkz is a company that I discovered while perusing the threads on Head-Fi, searching for a top of the line (TOTL) custom in-ear monitor (CIEM) that could complement my Shure SE846. I heard about the Legend, a CIEM that was very new to the market, and the updated Legend Remastered (R for short) that was highly regarded as a TOTL contender (and champion to some listeners).  I searched for how I could contact Jack Vang, the CEO of EarWerkz and found out that I could contact him when I also found out that they were having a Kickstarter campaign for their Supra, which is the EP-II’s successor.  I was not in the market for a new mid-tier (regarding price at least) IEM, but as I read more about the campaign, thought that the introductory and Kickstarter Backer prices were very reasonable, and thought that the Supra’s sound signature could compliment my IEM collection – so I backed the campaign.  Add in the Stretch Goals for the Backers, and you have very loyal Backers from around the world wanting everyone to purchase the Supra so they could be able to obtain new options or perks, which added to the appeal of purchasing the Supra as well.  I wound up purchasing the Supra even before I purchased the Legend R.  Once I was able to contact Jack, I inquired regarding the Legend R, and he was able to graciously send me a universal Legend R demo to find out if I wanted to purchase the Legend R.  After burning in the demo Legend R and listening, I was a believer.  I knew that the custom version was going to improve on the sound signature of the demo, so I purchased the Legend R during the introductory period.



The Legend Omega!  Translucent Green Envy Shell - Left, Blue Shell - Right:

Photo from Instagram post courtesy of EarWerkz.


Here are the specifications regarding the Legend R:


Driver Configuration: Triple Highs, Triple Mids, Dual Lows 

8 Balanced Armature Drivers

7-Way, 6 Crossover Points Network

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Impedance: 28 ohms @ 1 kHz

Sensitivity: 118 dB @ 1 kHz

Noise Isolation: 28 dB, +/-2 dB

Input Connector: 1/8" (3.5 mm) Gold Plated


Here are the specifications regarding the Legend Omega:


Driver Configuration: Triple Highs, Triple Mids, Dual Lows

8 Balanced Armature Drivers
Industry Leading 8-Way, 7 Crossover Points Network
ONYX Resonance Chamber (O.R.C.)
Exclusive "OMEGA" logo


**A burn-in of at least 50 hours is recommended for maximum performance.





Here are the prices of audio equipment used in the review:


EarWerkz Legend R: $1,199 (50” Pro Series Cable is included in this price.  Instead of the 50”, the 60” is +$10, Estron Linum BaX is $82 (or +$60 with CIEM purchase).  Also used universal demo for review.


Legend R owners:  If you want to convert your Legend R to the Legend Omega, it can be converted for $200, and $100 good towards your next purchase of $899 or more. All upgrades will receive a one-time coupon.  Omega upgrades and buyers will have a special logo "Ω" unique to the model as opposed to the traditional "e" - you can choose the "e" or the "Ω".  The Omega conversion will be available until July 1st, 2015. 


Here are the Omega conversion details:


•Completely new build with new shell, face plate, drivers, crossovers, and components

•New Industry Leading Crossover Design: 8-way, 7 Crossover Points Network

•New ONYX Resonance Chamber (O.R.C.)

•Exclusive "OMEGA" logo

•New Litz Wiring & Cardas Quad Solder

•New Sockets

•New Faceplates

•New Tubing


Click here to go to the upgrade page.


EarWerkz Legend Omega: $1,299 (50” Pro Series Cable is included in this price.  Instead of the 50”, the 60” is +$10, Estron Linum BaX is $82 (or +$60 with CIEM purchase). 


Estron Linum BaX Cable: $82

EarWerkz Stock Pro Series 60 inch Cable: $45


EarWerkz Supra:  $389 (universal), $429 (custom)


EarWerkz Penta: $949 (custom), used universal demo for review


iPhone 6 (Space Gray, 128GB):  $849.99 or $399.99 with a 2-Year Contract


More compared or mentioned audio equipment:


Shure SE846: $1,000 (or lower if you search online)

Sensaphonics Custom Sleeves: $150 (not including impression and upgraded color fees)

Ultimate Ears – UE 11 PRO: $1,150

Ultimate Ears – UE 18 PRO: $1,350

Noble Audio – 5/5C: $650/$950-$2,025

Custom Art – Harmony 8 Pro: approximately $1,100 (3,700PLN/€925)

1964 Ears – A10: $1,799

1964 Ears – A12: $1,999

Jerry Harvey Audio – Angie: $1,295-$1,495, add $100 (custom)

Jerry Harvey Audio – Layla: $2,599-$2,795, add $100 (custom)



Software Applications Used


Spotify Premium – Extreme Setting and Neutron Music Player - both for the iPhone.





Discovering the EarWerkz Legend R via Head-Fi and the Supra Kickstarter campaign was an amazing experience for me.  I was in the market for a CIEM that was worthy of top of the line status to my ears, and once I found out that the Legend R was acclaimed by their owners, I wanted to listen to the Legend R for myself.  I was able to obtain the demo to listen to it, and make the decision to purchase the custom if I liked the sound signature of the Legend R.  I also liked the customer service of Jack Vang, CEO of EarWerkz, who responded to my questions quickly, and soon found out that I enjoyed the sound signature from the demo Legend R – so I purchased it during their original promotional pricing timeframe.  It was also satisfying to my mind that I was purchasing a product that sounded just as good as or better than most any C/IEM I’ve heard before, for a reasonable price compared to other high-count multi-driver CIEMs currently on the market.



Color Choosing Process


EarWerkz offers a multitude of colors for their entire lineup:


Shell colors available – Beige, Blue, Clear, Emerald, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Smoke, Turquoise, Yellow, and the two new colors: Obsidian Black and Green Envy.


Click on the image, then click the "Original" button (may be only able to via Desktop mode button on bottom of thread with smartphones/devices) to see a larger view of the colors.




Faceplate colors available – Gloss Black, Gloss White, and Crystal Clear.


You can also choose shell colors independently as well, e.g. Emerald for one shell and Magenta for the other.


I wanted to choose a shell color that I believe looked the best based on the pictures that I saw on the EarWerkz website, so I chose the Blue color.  I had to get a refit on the right side (discussed under “Ear Impression Process”), and was able to get the refit in the translucent Green Envy color.  The Blue color is a deep, yet royal looking hue and the translucent Green Envy color is full of vibrant and engaging Jade-esque brilliance.  Both colors have translucent properties which is great so I or anyone can see the internal drivers with ease.  The polish, sheen and luster of both crystal colors are simply mesmerizing.



Ear Impression Process


I enjoy the sound that emits from the Legend R universal demo, but using a custom version I feel is of paramount importance, as the Legend Omega/Legend R needs to be created in a way that the most discerning audiophile, music enthusiast and musician would prefer. With regards to universal vs. custom, the custom version will always sound better as it's inserted deeper into your canal and seals off perfectly to your anatomy.  


In order to stay as safe as possible regarding your entire ear impression process, make sure to get impressions from an audiologist that preferably has experience creating impressions for CIEMs.  You can check out EarWerkz’s “Ear Impression Requirements” for detailed instructions on how to create impressions.  For the fully custom created EarWerkz Legend R, I went to see Sensaphonics Double Golden Circle member and audiologist-to-the-Stars of Musicians Hearing Services, Lisa Tannenbaum to create the impressions, as I had success with her creating impressions for my Sensaphonics Custom Sleeves.  Ms. Tannenbaum (her client list: http://www.musicianshearing.com/clients1.html) does not use a bite block, and has me open my mouth and hold it when the goo is being injected in my ear canal(s), and then talk normally as the impression is curing. I am not stating one method is better over the other, but I am saying there are other methods than not moving your jaw to create the most versatile impressions.  I needed a refit because I needed a deeper right ear impression, and doing so gave me the long ear canal tube that I wanted. 


Lisa Tannenbaum injecting goo into my ear:


The goo is curing:


A nice and clean ear mold impression:



I listened to the universal demo and Legend R for a total of a few months, and during the refit Jack mentioned if I wanted to try out another version of the Legend.  My Legend was fitted with the O.R.C., and got the translucent Green Envy color for the right monitor as a complimentary color to my blue left monitor.  The Legend Omega feels amazing in my ears and the seal does not get broken, even if I open my jaw as wide as I can. 



Time to Arrive


EarWerkz offers a 10-15 day turnaround (depending on ordered model), which is phenomenal, if you ask me.  Other C/IEM companies offer 6-8 week turnarounds, or even as long as 3-6 month turnarounds!  Needless to say, it is refreshing that a company like EarWerkz provides impeccably created C/IEMs at a very respectable time frame.



Packaging and Accessories


The Legend Omega and Legend R comes with a Pelican 1010 Micro Case (Crushproof/Water Resistant), an EarWerkz felt-lined soft-hard case, EarWerkz microfiber cleaning cloth, cleaning brush and tool,  I chose the 60” Pro Series Cable to be shipped with the Legend R.  I used the Estron Linum Bax Cable (measured 48 inches) that I chose for the Supra to test for auditory comparison purposes.


Pelican 1010 Micro Case:


Legend Omega with EarWerkz Case, Microfiber Cloth with Cleaning Brush and Tool:


Legend Omega inside Pelican 1010 Micro Case:


Legend Omega, Legend R universal demo, Supra



Form and Function


The Legend Omega, Legend R, and all of EarWerkz's offerings are 100% created in Buford, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia - USA.  From “The EarWerkz Difference” webpage: “Nothing here is automated. Everything is, and will always be, made by our disciplined hands. One look at the finished product and you'll immediately recognize the EarWerkz difference. Take a glance at the internals. Each balanced armature driver undergoes tight inspections and thorough testing to ensure quality. If the driver meets our criteria it is then electrically insulated by our unique conformal coating that permanently shields it from moisture, contaminants, and corroding.


Crossover networks were designed and engineered carefully to be sealed away in a discrete location, leaving only the elegance of the balanced armature drivers to be exposed. Each wire is measured accurately then cut precisely based on your unique mold.


Obsessed with attention to details we then organize them individually by tunneling each one through clear electromagnetic interference shield tubing to maximize consistency and performance. Afterwards everything is hand soldered in perfect symmetry.”


The Legend Omega and Legend R’s Blue and Gold Estron Linum Litz internal wires are measured, cut and installed without clutter; EarWerkz tunnels each wire individually through “clear electromagnetic interference shield tubing to maximize consistency and performance”.  After trying out all of the available solders, EarWerkz chose the difficult-to-implement silver and copper Cardas Audio solder. 


Here is a little information regarding the Legend R’s crossover network – from EarWerkz website (edited): “7-Way, 6 Crossovers? It's kind of hard to explain so we'll try to simplify it, no need for crazy jargon here. Every driver is designed for a specific frequency and often times they're not used to their full potential. More drivers equal more noise and what good is it if you can't tune it? That's where crossovers come into play. A crossover divides an audio signal into two or more different ranges of frequencies, so that each driver will get only the range of frequencies they were designed to produce. In other words it lets the drivers handle more power in order to perform more efficiently.  We've engineered a complex crossover network within the Legend R to take full advantage of every driver.”  


Here is some Legend Omega information - from EarWerkz website: "Utilizing a modified version of the PENTA's ONYX Resonance Chamber (O.R.C.) the Legend R transforms into it's alter ego, the OMEGA, to viciously resonate its way through the CIEM competition as the low frequency king. Rigged with 8 balanced armature drivers and an all new 8-Way, 7 Crossover Points Network the OMEGA boastfully takes the R's sound to the next level by power lifting the entire frequency to deliver an airier, harder hitting signature.                    


The Legend OMEGA retains ALL of the technical abilities that many have come to love from the R and is further complimented by the unparalleled, canal rockin' bass."





The custom created Legend Omega looks stunning, like a piece of glossy, high-priced jewelry.  The opacity of the shell colors is as close to perfect as can be – the color of the shells are rich and the hue looks polished as such that I can still see the internals easily as well.


Once you see the Legend Omega (or any of EarWerkz’s lineup) in person, you can immediately tell the labor and craftsmanship that was implemented while creating the C/IEMs.  The Legend Omega is one of, if not, the most gorgeously immaculate IEMs that I have ever seen, regardless of the company and shell/faceplace colors/options.


Here are some pictures of the various alluring views of the Legend Omega:















The Legend Omega and Legend R are CIEMs, so their weight will depend on the size of your ears which is directly relative to the size of the acrylic molds.  In my case, it is very light: each housing weighs less than 10 grams.  You very well may have the lightest, most immensely engaging and sounding setup in its price range (and possibly outside its price range) in the world.



Fit and Feel


If you don’t have any experience with customs, the first few times may make take a little bit of finagling to insert the Legend Omega into your ears.  Every person’s insertion techniques are slightly different – however I do like to insert the bore/tube into my ear canal as I slightly twist the housing back towards me.  It should feel snug, with no breaking of seal, even if you open your mouth slightly past normal speaking movements.


If you have experience with customs, then you should be able to get acclimated very easily, as the seal should envelop then entire concha and shouldn’t have any fit issues. 


The recessed 2-pin sockets are mounted on the faceplate, which allows a shallower shell fit.  The result is a sleek looking faceplate that does not bulge out from the ears at all.  It’s not an exclusive trait that only EarWerkz implements, but it is great to see that the team can implement the recessed sockets with so many installed drivers when other companies do not or will not use recessed sockets.


Regarding refits, if you need one, no worries at all, because Jack is more than happy to refit until you are happy with the fit of both housings.  Please make sure to have your audiologist create full-bodied impressions to have the lowest percentage chance of requiring a refit.


The fit of the Legend Omega and Legend R is amazing, with attention to detail regarding my refit as well.  For reference, my SCS required a refit also because my right ear is not the easiest to create shells for.  The SCS still feels more comfortable because it is silicone, but the acrylic of the Legend Omega doesn’t warm up as much as the SCS (doesn’t bother me) and should last a long time.  What’s great as well is that the acrylic material can be reshaped/reshelled in case there is significant weight gain or loss or any other change with the ears that require a refit.


Legend Omega - Left Side:


Legend Omega - Right Side:


Using the Estron Linum BaX couple creates a very comfortable, flush-fitting, and exceptionally feather–light feeling in your ears.  Also, using a memory wire-less cable or a cable that has curved connectors and a curved sheath helps make the Legend Omega feel that much better!  You may not notice anything in your ears and just focus on the splendidly sounding music!



Easy C/IEM Side Detection


Even if you didn’t purchase a different shell color for each side, there is still a very easy way to distinguish the right and left sides of the IEMs.  Look directly (as others would see the Legend Omega) at the housing.  The direction that the cable is facing is the Legend Omega side.  Meaning, if the cable is facing to the left, it means that specific Legend Omega housing is the left side and goes into your left ear.  It is the same concept with regards to the right side.  Now you do not have to look for any small dots that may or may not be difficult to find based on various factors, including not having the best eyesight, or the IEMs may not be in the best lighting to easily distinguish the blue or red dots.  About those dots, I also like having the blue and red dots that are on the cable face up when inserting into the recessed sockets.


Translucent Green Envy Shell shows cable Facing Right, and the Red Dot Facing Upward:


The straw matches the color of my translucent Green Envy Shell:


Another view of deliciousness - your pick:



Sound Impressions


The Legend R is neutral focused, but leans towards the warmer side with a bass gradient. The presentation is simply one of the most coherent and resolving of any IEM I have listened to.  The detail retrieval is colossal!  The layering has seeming real texture to it.  The sub-bass can be felt when the song calls for it.  The mids are smooth and natural.  The highs are not ear-piercing, rather, they are effortlessly presented in a way where you can enjoy them, but never hear any sibilance or feel anything other than sheer enjoyment.   The soundstage is more on the intimate side, but you feel like you are right in on the action, meaning it feels like you are actually a part of the music.  The overall sound is thoroughly engaging and non-fatiguing.  As a side note, the elemental cables that you pair with the Legend Omega and R will help further change the overall sound signature, varying degrees from person to person and what type of cable you pair with the Legend Omega and R. 


In comparison to the Legend R, the Legend Omega elevates the entire frequency spectrum, especially within the sub bass and mid bass region.  Bass has more authority, more punch, more extension, more compliance, and as a result, contains and produces my favorite bass out of any IEM that I have ever listened to.  Mids are smoother, and the highs are still as non-fatiguing and glorious as ever.  The treble on both the Legend Omega and Legend R sounds great to me, however if you listen and want a little more sparkling treble, put a silver cable on it, and you’ll be equipped for your own version of true bliss.


One word that I would also add: versatility.  The Legend Omega and Legend R have the chameleon-like capability to adapt to whatever the song calls for.  Classical or vocal-focused tracks?  Check.  Rock, Roll, Hip and Hop?  Mark those boxes.  EDM, Heavy Metal and New Jack Swing?  Stamp that postcard and send it to someone!  I can go on, but anything you will throw at it, the Legend Omega and Legend R can handle with absolute vigor, or with delicate finesse.


Speaking of cables, using the Estron Linum BaX Cable creates a warmer sounding signature.  The mids and highs are recessed somewhat compared to the stock Pro Series Cable, and the bass may seem accentuated as a result.  Using the stock cable creates a neutral sounding with bass tilt, detail retrieving sound signature which is coherent and is a great cable to use.  Using the stock cable is great if you want supreme clarity, and a slightly more resolved and coherent sound compared to the Estron Linum BaX Cable.  I was able to listen to the Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable with the Legend Omega at CanJam SoCal, and it was slightly more coherent and resolving than the stock cable.  After listening to the copper with silver cable (Silver Dragon), I wanted to hear how a silver cable will sound with the Legend Omega, and was able to listen to one.  The PW Audio silver cable is that silver cable, which I was able to obtain on loan, and it sounds amazing compared to the stock cable.  It has an ultimately more coherent, and smooth signature as well.  After listening to the silver cable, I had to contact Ted Allen and request him to construct me a 2-pin Silver Litz Cable.  It will have the same 90 degree angle connector, sheath only with no metal memory wire as the PW Audio cable, and will contain the carbon fiber barrel with 3.5 mm jack that my MMCX Silver Litz has.  Pairing the silver cable with the Legend Omega is my favorite combination, and will be happy to add the Silver Litz to the Legend Omega in the near future.  I will update the review with impressions of the Silver Litz when it arrives.  I adore the layered and rich detail retrieval of the Legend Omega and Legend R, especially when it is paired with a silver cable, as both embody some of the best overall coherency and musicality that I have ever heard in a CIEM.



Cable Comparisons


The stock Pro Series Cable is offered in 50 inch and 60 inch configurations You can choose between two colors, Titanium Silver, and Phantom Black, shown here:


Stock Pro Series Cable in Titanium Silver connected to the Legend Omega:


Stock Pro Series Cable in Phantom Black connected to the Supra:

Photo courtesy of EarWerkz.


EarWerkz states: “Starting from the 3.5mm jack are four cables that that plug straight into the in-ear monitors via a custom "splitter-less" bifurcation where the quad twisted wires are divided into two 15 inch twisted pairs.  Each cable is made with high quality silver plated tinsel wire construction with a PVC jacket. The tinsel wire provides the maximum amount of flexibility and a very low shape memory. All components are custom over-molded to make these cables reliable and very durable.”  I will say that the stock cable is 99% + memory free, is very easy to wrap and stay wrapped, is ergonomic, feels soft to the touch, and has a glorious silver sheen to it.  The memory wire is shorter than most cable manufacturer’s cable memory wire, and is very comfortable.  There is no need to remove the memory wire, but can be removed if you so choose – just be aware that the memory wire portion of the cable is straight and not braided, so if you remove the memory wire and want the straight cable braided, you will need to either braid the cable yourself, use a hair dryer to help mend the cable (I wouldn’t recommend it), or enlist a 3rd party cable company to braid the cable for you.  Also, the L-plug is currently being updated, as EarWerkz is working on getting a more smartphone case friendly plug.  The stock cable is my favorite stock cable that I have ever seen and used.  


The Estron Linum BaX Cable contains 6 Litz conductors made up of 7 individual strands. Each strand is silver plated copper with enamel.  The strength comes from aramid fibers. Pull strength is around 13 pounds.  Your mind has to get accustomed the fact that the Linum Cable is stronger than it looks, as it doesn’t look any thicker than fishing line or dental floss.  The cable jacket is made from TPA.  What is great is that the Linum Cable will not corrode or change color, as it is skin-friendly approved and UV stabilized, so it will not turn yellow if exposed to sunlight.  The Linum cable has an overall mass of 2.7 grams, or 0.095 ounces.  The Linum Cable feels like you are wearing nothing at all, and is an easy recommendation if you are concerned with memory wire, since the Linum Cable does not use any memory wire, and if you want a warmer sound signature and want to get lost within the music that is emitting from the Legend Omega and Legend R.


Estron Linum BaX Cable connected to the Legend Omega:


PW Audio Cable connected to the Legend Omega:


I tried to get the 2-pin UE inline remote and microphone (After September 1, 2010) cable that I won at the UE Tour to fit with the Legend Omega, but I found out the connector of the cable unfortunately does not work with the recessed sockets of the Legend Omega.


The beautiful UE remote cable does not fit:


If you are having issues with inserting and detaching the stock or 3rd party cables, please check out the "Inserting and Detaching Cables" suggestions in my Supra review.



Are Your Earphones Correctly Inserted?


The frequency response across the full audio spectrum should be smooth, and the bass response should be fully present - that is, if you have a "full, tight seal".  If you have any doubts regarding hearing both earphones equally (assuming you don't have a hearing tested significant FR imbalance), you can self-administer the "Audio Seal" test - it's to help determine if your earphones (Universals/CIEMs) are correctly inserted. The webpage comes with downloadable and streamable audio files in .mp3 or .wav format. The test is great to find out if you have a correct insertion and proper fit, and can also reveal other issues other than an incomplete and/or poor seal. From the webpage: "The test consists of two brief audio tracks. Both include two sine waves, one at 50 Hz and the other at 500 Hz, played at the same volume. On one track, the two tones are played together. On the other track, the tones alternate in 2-second intervals." 


Here's the link from Sensaphonics:  www.sensaphonics.com/test.



Power to Drive the Legend Omega and Legend R


Using the iPhone 6, it takes 1 to 2 higher volume clicks for the Supra to reach the Legend Omega and Legend R’s volume level.  It takes around 1 higher volume click for the Penta to reach the Legend Omega and Legend R’s volume level.  All of EarWerkz offerings are designed to be sensitive and as such, work very well with smartphones - which is great, because I like to use only the iPhone 6 to drive my C/IEMs.





I wanted to compare the Legend to an IEM that I use frequently, and that is the Shure SE846, but I feel that the Legend R should be compared with some of the IEMs I listened to, but more importantly highlight differences between the Supra and the universal demo version of the Penta.  For those who wanted a comparison between the three leveled go-getters, and those who are at least curious, read on…


Pre-review posted picture of my Legend Omega on the EarWerkz thread:


Rendered photo of my Legend Omega by Head-Fier Mython:


Legend R Universal Demo with SpinFit attached:


SpinFit tips work well:


Penta – Hear it, Feel it


5 balanced armature drivers, 5-Way, 5 Crossover and 5 acoustic bores!  The sound is full-bodied yet compliant in its presentation.  The O.R.C. really make the bass felt, but should not feel overbearing if you naturally love bass.  If you are bass sensitive, then you may perceive the bass to be…prevalent.  The Penta sounded more coherent and resolving to me than the 5 driver Noble 5C, and the 4 driver, low-pass filter Shure SE846.  If I was to compare the overall sound of the Penta, I would say it would be a consummated marriage of the clear sounding 6 driver UE 18 PRO and bass emphasized 4 driver UE 11 PRO.


Penta Universal Demo:




Supra with SpinFit attached, connected to Estron Linum BaX Cable:




Shure SE846 and SCS with Silver Litz cable:


Shure SE846 and SCS with stock cable:






EarWerkz  Supra and Penta


The bass of the Legend R is versatile.  It is has great weight to it, and can hit with authority when called to do so.  The Penta utilizes the O.R.C., so its bass is a little more prominent, and hits slightly harder compared to the Legend R’s bass.  Both have similar levels of liquidity and fluidness of the bass, though.  The Supra holds its own, but is no match to the Penta and Legend R’s blissful bass.  Also, the bass increases with quantity with EQ.  The Legend R, is more versatile with regards to EQ than the Supra, as the Supra starts to not retain as much of the quality of bass as the Penta or Legend R.  When EQ is used to elevate the Penta and Legend R, the EQ increases with quantity, but also retains the quality aspect of the bass as well. 


The Legend Omega’s bass is simply exemplary.  The O.R.C. creates even more sublime bass than the Legend R, and is thoroughly satisfying for bass lovers and connoisseurs alike.  Authoritative. Confident.  Respected.  These are words that would normally personify a person such as a high quality lawyer or a strong-willed mother.  These words are just the start to describe the sub bass and mid bass.  The bass can sound and feel very deep and hit hard, and it can also sound and feel airy depending on what you are listening to.  The Omega literally added an extra airy note and feeling that I have never heard or felt before in an IEM.  The bass commands your attention, but seamlessly melds into the mids as the decay of the reverberation ceases.  The Legend Omega’s bass is my favorite of any IEM that I have ever heard, or felt.


Shure  SE846


The SE846’s bass sounds slightly smoother than the Legend R’s bass when the Legend R is paired with the stock Pro Series cable and the Legend R’s bass sounds just as smooth or smoother than the SE846’s bass when paired with a silver cable.  Regardless of the cable used, the Legend R can hit slightly harder when the song calls for it.


The Legend Omega’s bass hits harder, has more texture, and is more satisfying than the SE846’s bass.


Custom Art  Harmony 8 Pro


The Harmony 8 Pro’s bass was sufficient, but not overbearing, and was more subdued than the Legend R’s bass.


The Legend Omega’s bass sounds and feels more prominent than the comparatively flat and detailed bass notes of the Harmony 8 Pro.


1964 Ears  A10


The 1964 Ears A10 universal demo’s bass was not as prominent as the Legend R, and sounded like the IEM was behind a wall, trying to emit its music as best as it can, yet seemingly not able to engage my senses sufficiently.


The Legend Omega’s bass is more forward, and authoritative than the seemingly recessed bass of the A10.


1964 Ears  A12


The 1964 Ears A12 universal demo sounds pretty similar to the Legend R, but with regards to bass, the Legend R has slightly weightier sub and mid bass.


The Legend Omega’s bass can hit harder, sound airier, and has more versatile prominence than the A12’s bass notes. 


Jerry Harvey Audio – Angie


The bass of the Angie, especially when you turn it all of the way via the variable bass control, it is prominent, but can sound slightly bloated compared the rest of the frequency spectrum.  I love bass, so I would probably turn down the bass just a little for most songs, and turn it up if I want to have some fun with the music.  The Legend R’s bass is more engaging when the Angie’s variable bass control is turned all of the way open, and both have the ability to hit hard, with the slight nod to Angie for sheer bass power.


The Legend Omega’s bass is simply more coherent and resolving than the Angie, as the bass of the Angie sounded grainer and bloated as the variable bass control was turned up, compared to the Legend Omega’s clearer and more engaging lower frequencies.


Jerry Harvey Audio – Layla


The bass of the Layla isn’t as prominent as the Legend R, but it does sound fluid at around the 1 o’clock position.  Turn it up all of the way and the bass of the Layla is still below the power of the Legend R’s sub bass.


The Legend Omega’s bass shows its true prominence.  The Layla’s bass is more of a coherent reference sound, and the Legend Omega’s hits harder, is felt more, can sound airier at times, and feels truly alive compared to the Layla’s reference sounding bass.





EarWerkz  Supra and Penta


The mids are where the Legend R shines.  Sublime, creamy smooth, enveloping, engaging and remarkable.  The Legend R’s mids are clearly more defined and coherent, but the Supra does a great job with what it's got.  The Penta’s mids are almost as coherent, but sounds amazing, nonetheless.  It’s like the Supra is the equivalent of the Mitsubishi Evo that has so much horsepower, and is so powerful, but uses only 4 cylinders, minus the possible costly repair bills!  The Penta is more like the Ford Focus RS – 5 cylinder and fast beast of a car!  The Legend R?  Choose from one of the newer fastest 8 cylinder production cars in the market: the McLaren P1 3.8 V8 Hybrid, Porsche 918 Spyder 4.6 V8, and the Koenigsegg Agera S 5.0 V8 Hundra!


The Legend Omega continues with the same exemplary Legend R mids, and feels a little more melded into the bass – even though the entire frequency spectrum is layered with composure.  So, what’s the car choice for the Legend Omega?  It may be time to upgrade it to a Japanese bullet train, imported to your home country!


Shure  SE846


The SE846’s mids can sound warm or bright when you use the different included filters, but are engaging and always have the ability to put a smile on your face.  The Legend R’s mids on the other hand are more prominent, more detailed yet more engaging, and rival the most coherent of any IEM on the market today, probably tomorrow and possibly a year from now.


The Legend Omega has similar mids of the Legend R, sounds more compliant and has an elevated level of coherency compared to the SE846.


Custom Art  Harmony 8 Pro


The Harmony 8 Pro’s mids are compliant, and did not notice anything out of the ordinary with regards to its sound signature in this department.  Pretty plain sounding, but not harsh either.  The Legend R’s are slightly more coherent and resolving.


The Legend Omega’s mids sound more engaging in addition to the Legend R’s comparisons to the Harmony 8 Pro.


1964 Ears  A10


The 1964 Ears A10 universal demo’s mids sounded like they were far away and that may help some listeners to perceive a slightly far soundstage.  It sounded very distant, cold and sterile compared to 1964’s other IEMs that I listened to.  The Legend Omega and Legend R’s mids by contrast are more forward and more engaging.


1964 Ears  A12


The 1964 Ears A12 universal demo mids are similar to the Legend R, and that’s a good thing.  For an 8 driver to have similar mids of a 12 driver (in addition to the price difference between the two IEMs) is wonderful.  The soundstage is perceived as slightly more distant, and the soundstage of the Legend R is comparatively more intimate, but not overly so.


The Legend Omega’s mids are more intimate and may have more body than the A12’s mids.


Jerry Harvey Audio – Angie


The mids of the Angie are a little grainier than the Legend R, as the detail of the Angie is not quite as coherent, smooth or resolved.


The mids of the Legend Omega are more detailed and has more of a resolved presence compared to the Angie.


Jerry Harvey Audio – Layla


The mids of the Layla is utterly transparent, and soundstage is its strongest suit by far.  The mids of the Layla are more about pinpointing where every instrument is, while the Legend R’s is more about buttering you up intimately with its engaging mids.


The Legend Omega has slightly better detail retrieval when it comes to the mids when using the stock cable, and has smoother mids than the Layla when using a silver cable.





EarWerkz  Supra and Penta


The highs are also where the Legend R shines.  The highs of the Supra and Penta are not resolved like its finer sibling, the Legend R, but all three does good to great work emitting convincingly surreal highs from its miniscule, yet very capable housings.  The Supra’s highs are more apparent, the Penta less so, and similar to the Legend R’s highs, which are non-fatiguing and not sibilant.  There are no razor blades added to the shopping cart either (no super-high screeching type of sounds).


The Legend Omega’s highs extend slightly further compared to the Legend R, especially when paired with a silver cable.  The treble is non-fatiguing and is easy to listen for hours.  If you focus too much on the superior bass of the Legend Omega, you may not notice the highs as much, but if you listen for the upper registers, they are there.  If you need any more perception of high treble, put a silver cable on it!


Shure  SE846


The SE846’s highs are perceived to be rolled off; however I perceive slightly more treble with use of the Silver Litz and SCS.  Even with these amazing add-ons, the Legend R’s highs are smoother, clearer, and just as non-fatiguing as your favorite setup of the SE846.


The Legend Omega has similar non-fatiguing highs, but is more resolving in its presentation.


Custom Art  Harmony 8 Pro


The Harmony 8 Pro’s highs are smooth and easy to listen to.  Compared to the Legend R, both are non-fatiguing and I can see a lot of people enjoying the fact that they won’t get fatigued very easily listening to either.


The highs of the Legend Omega and Legend R may not be perceived to sound as extended as the Harmony 8 Pro’s highs.


1964 Ears – A10


The 1964 Ears A10 universal demo’s highs are distant, and not very engaging to my ears.  Compared to the Legend R, the A10 highs are farther away from the ears, and the highs of the Legend R grab you and put you in your seat!


The Legend Omega’s high registers are more forward than the A10, and sounds more engaging as well.


1964 Ears – A12


The 1964 Ears A12 universal demo highs are smooth, easy to listen to, and sounds just as engaging as the Legend R.  Both sound lovely to my ears!


The highs of the Legend Omega are similar to the highs of the A12, thoroughly engaging, yet non-fatiguing.


Jerry Harvey Audio – Angie


The highs of the Angie are slightly veiled when turning up the variable bass knob, but have more coloration than the Legend R and the Layla’s highs.


The Legend Omega’s treble is smoother than the Angie, but has similar body as both are engaging.


Jerry Harvey Audio – Layla


The highs of the Layla are not fatiguing, similar to the Legend R’s, but pinpointing the high frequencies and instruments are where the Layla shines.  The Legend R’s by contrast engages you, envelops your head, causing you get lost in the music as a result.


The Legend Omega’s highs are not as expansive as the Layla’s, and is more forward.  The engagement and smoothness of the Legend Omega’s highs are more apparent.



Sound Signatures


Simply, I sincerely believed that nothing should be changed regarding the Legend R’s moving and creamy smooth sound signature.  That was until I was able to upgrade to the Legend Omega.  Experience the true bliss that is the Legend Omega, I feel that nothing should be altered.  Most listeners will be able to appreciate the detail, yet fluid presentation of the Legend Omega and Legend R’s sound.  I really love bass, so it was great to hear the Penta and the O.R.C. in all of its glory.  I am ecstatic that there is now a version of the Legend that utilizes resonance chambers as well, so I could hear and feel the bass even more!  


Use the Estron Linum BaX Cable if you want to be lost in the music, use the stock Pro Series Cable if you want to be engaged in the music, and use a silver cable if you want to be immersed in the music.



Ultimate Stress Test™


I listened to a test track that my fiancée uses to assess the acoustic limits of a pair of headphones or IEMs, and playing on the Supra turned it a seemingly arduous task to try to get it sounding compliant.  The Penta passed the test, sounding magnificent, and the Legend Omega and Legend R sounded even crisper and clear sounding.  Vocals shined through, the inherent background distorted hiss of the track was eloquently reproduced, and the overall sound of the test track is substantial and palpable.



Is the Legend Omega and Legend R Right for you?


If you like a sound that is epically neutral with a warm, comforting tone that has some satisfying bass tied to it, but also sounds even warmer when using the Linum cable, more detailed with the stock cable, and immersive with a silver cable, the Legend R is right for you.  If you want bass that is unparalleled regarding the fluidity, authority and qualitative punch, the Legend Omega is right for you.  The Legend Omega and Legend R are difficult to put into words; however they sound as splendid for their prices and creates a true sense of emotion well above its price point.  The coherency, engaging nature and detail retrieval is at the top of the top of the line mountain, where only very few have earned such an exclusive spot.  If you love being thoroughly enthused, stimulated and moved no matter the song that you listen to, then the Legend Omega or the Legend R is right for you. 





The Legend R is truly a technological marvel, and the Legend Omega is simply a standard which others will be measured against - at least for its bass and engaging sound signature.  As a result, both translate to an engaging sound that allows you to focus on the music.  The technicians, marketing staff, and CEO – Jack Vang are humble individuals that makes up the truly phenomenal company that is EarWerkz.  The Legend Omega and Legend R is culminating euphoric thoughts, from the awesome customer service that is Jack Vang, to the seamlessly crafted gorgeous acrylic housing, Litz wires galore, capable cables a-plenty, and last but not least, the enthusiastic EarWerkz community, has made my entire EarWerkz experience one that I will never forget.  I would not have any issues recommending EarWerkz to everyone, because you will be taken care of from start to finish, with smiles all along the way.  Thank you for reading my experience, and hope that if you choose to purchase the Legend Omega or the Legend R, that it will create everlasting joy as it has done with the people who have listened to it.  Happy listening, everyone!

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Can a R be upgraded to an Omega?
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Originally Posted by georgelai57 View Post

Can a R be upgraded to an Omega?
yea $45.00 cost, it's near the top of his post, bolded under price section wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Cagin View Post

yea $45.00 cost, it's near the top of his post, bolded under price section wink.gif
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Am I correct that generally speaking:


- Omega is bassier version of R and Penta is the most bassy of the three?


- Omega and R are on similar technical level, Penta is slightly behind them in terms of technical performance?

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Great review man!
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Moedawg, you are a credit to this forum. Excellent review.

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great review!  so silver cable it is.


what are some good silver cable manufacturers?  and do all them cost a kidney?  

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What a great read, kudos to you Moedawg!


That Green Envy color is mesmerizing. I remember going :eek: "I want THAT" when I stumbled upon that color while browsing Lear's gallery



Earwerkz website lists only 3 options for faceplates at the moment (gloss white/gloss black/clear). I wonder if they could make a Green Envy faceplate to match (at a premium fee of course).

edit: I also asked 1964 Ears about the possibility of making an Abalone shell to match that faceplate option. I'm such a sucker for beauty

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Thanks Moedawg for updating this (O)Mega EarWerkz review, great write-up. I guess it's a matter of time now before you'll be on Jack's payroll wink.gif
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moedawg140 could you elaborate on sound stage and imaging? very curious how all these CIEM's compare, and especially if theres a difference between the Legend-R and the Omega in that regard.

Thank you for the good read and the hard work that went in to making this review!

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Great, writeup, bud!  I especially like that you threw in the IEM seal test.  As someone who isn't big on IEM's, I think I'm going to find that vary useful.


You never revealed what the Ultimate Stress Test song was...  :popcorn:

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Thanks for the review my friend. It looks very cool. :)


If you don't mind, I would like to share my short impressions about H8P-LR comparison.


H8P has less forgiving treble presentation than LR. If you listen to poor quality tracks, LR is a better option. LR recreates notes better with a better mid frequency resolution-detail, less coloration and more natural-true tone. H8P has a laid back stage placement while LR has a forward one. H8P has a larger stage with more distance. If you listen to very good quality tracks and if you are a treble lover, H8P may be for you. If you like mid-centered and forward-a bit close to face presentation with thick notes LR is the one. H8P may be more fatiguing during long listening session.  

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Your best review yet my friend. I appreciated the comparisons between the different IEMs.


On my own pairs (which are both custom versions), the mids of the 1964 A12 and Legend R sound extremely different. The A12 has a much flatter, more neutral set of mids than the Legend R.

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From the review, it sounds like to me that the Penta has a very similar sound to the Omega. big bass and less forward and non-fatiguing highs are what I'm getting out of it. How accurate is that @moedawg140 ?

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