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aim 9x? Oh, you mean that US rip-off of russian style front-hemisphere, off boresight short-range air to air thrust vectoring weapons? Seems like that thing's been in development for years...even the nighthawk was supposed to be modified to use it. We take forever to develop anything. The reason the CIA went ahead and armed the predator UAV is they knew it would take the AF a decade. You do realize the russians have a SRAA missile that can pretty much hit any target in any direction, front or back, and aircraft that can outmaneuver anything else in the world? The only superiority the US holds is in networked airborne early warning and stealth -- we can see them before they'd ever get close enough to strut their stuff. Modern aircrews are not very glamorous anymore...whoop dee doo...beyond the horizon amraams do all the work now. Top gun is obsolete. Iceman, you stink.

(takes a bow) "Thank you very much!" (Elvis grunt and corresponding arm fling.)
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LOFL. I love the cuda, had the opportunity to drive one down in Florida. Anyway, the reason I said that is because I'm real fond of the '70 Dodge Challenger (go team Mopar!). =) It's my dream car right along side the '65 Ford Mustang Convertible (but I'd want to swap the stock motor with a 428 big block).

If you want to talk sophisticated weapon systems, the Russians have US beat. It's the detection/delivery systems that they're behind on.

Falcon? I'll take a Sukhoi Su-30MK thank you very much. Honestly, I'd rather fly the Russian jets than the American (F/A-18 E/F an exception) ones. MiG-29, Su-34, *drool.
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Oh btw, Plymouth and Dodge are both Mopar, and owned by Chrysler. So we're practically brothers with rival issues!

Wasn't the cuda more of a track (stock car racing) car than a street car?
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No, the 'Cuda and Challenger were basically marketed towards the same group of buers, and neither were were geared towards "stock car" or NASCAR racing. Ma Mopar's efforts in that era were the 440 and Hemi powered Daytona and Superbirds with the giant wings. Produced in limited numbers in 1969 and 1970, they were very dominant on the track.

The main kind of racing the 'Cudas and Challengers were used for (especialy the Hemis) was drag racing. They were also used in Can-Am (Challenger) and Trans-Am (Cuda) road racing with limited success.

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A&M, cudas were made for moving in straight-lines.
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If you are talking cars...Type R with turbo :>
Should practically chew up nething in bends and most probably straights too.
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Yea that's it, Trans-Am.

Oh come on, don't tell me I'm the only fighter jet geek here. It's okay if you only know American jets, they're ok, just the Russian ones are much better.
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This thread has gone waaaaaay off topic! If this talk about fast cars keeps going on, I will lock this thread!!!

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No!!! I like talking about cars 'n jets. Just move it to the members forum. It's not in any way destructive. Almost every single thread goes off topic here, some more than others. I've noticed that it's very evident.
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I've fiddled around too much with this thread!

This time, I will get this thread moving right. I will move it to the Members' Lounge forum - and leave a redirect here in this forum.
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Hey, i started the thread about CD players, I'm still up for advice on a new player, but in the mean-time, I enjoy reading people complaining about who would win in an all-out aerial war.
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Who would win?

Me in a yak armed with a glock :>
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Top Gun was such B.S…fighter pilots are like the least laid-back, cool-acting group of people in the world. They’re total perfectionists. Here's something else to help you de-glamorize American fighter pilots (fighter pilots in general, actually): Preparation H is one of their best friends. Hemorrhoids...almost all of them have got them in the WORST way. It's from those damn g-lock exercises they have to do to keep from graying out. So real fighter pilots are anal both figuratively and literally!
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sign me up
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Originally posted by Audio&Me
Well, I'm going into the Navy as an air crewman. I have no doubt that I will experience quite a few Hornet rides even if I don't decide to become an officer.
Yep, every carrier wing has a squadron of Hornets set aside just to give seamen a ride.
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