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Hi, I'm ordering a new home microphone setup. At the moment I use just a blue yeti sitting on my desk. While the mic isn't that bad, it picks up every single click of my keyboard since it sits on my desk, and if I'm mounting a mic I would just get a new mic since I'm not overly keen on the blue yeti anyway. However I am a noob when it comes to this sort of stuff, so this is what I thought would be good for £250.


Audio Technica AT2020:


Rode PSA1 Swivel Mount:


Samson SP01 Shock Mount:


Behringer Xenyx802USB Mixer/Preamp:


Cheap Pop Filter:


Questions I have about this, is there any better I can get for my money? And also, will this all work together? Will the mic with the shock mount, will the shock mount fit onto the swivel mount, etc. Also, what leads will I need to buy? I know I need to buy an XLR lead, anyone recommend me one from Amazon, and also what USB lead will I need for the mixer/preamp to connect to my computer? I don't think it's a standard USB male/male so I'm guessing it's some sort of USB lead like micro or mini or something, anyone can confirm what USB lead I need and any other leads I need?


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