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Open Gaming Headset

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I have lurked around the forum for a while. The information that I have learned leads me to believe I would appreciate the following attributes:


Budget: Upwards of $200, but would prefer less if possible (I plan to search ebay, amazon etc.).

Uses: 99% PC gaming.

Preference: Open, over ear – I prefer non-synthetic leather substances for padding. Also, I wear glasses and appreciate the breathability, sound quality, and comfort.

Connection: 3.5mm wired connection.

Current headset: Razer Carcharias. I have had these for 3 years and have been having some mic issues.

Other Info: Built in quality mic -my current challenges with my setup revolve around poor mic issues. Also, I am a novice here and don't know much about doing mods to headphones, etc. I realize that a consistent recommendation here is to invest in a sound card, headphones, and an independent mic setup. I don't think that would work well for my situation. I try to game fairly quietly in a shared living room.


Any suggestions (or even feedback) would be greatly appreciated!

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I game pretty hard and spend a lot of time with headphones on for gaming, so my recommendation is....the DT990 250 ohm.

 I have used Turtle Beach X31's, 2 pairs of Astro A40's, an Astro A30, AKG Q701, HD600 and the DT990 beats all of them. The placement is very nice, you can tell exactly where an enemy is coming from (Battlefield 4), the bass is great but not overwhelming. It's just the best I've heard so far. I owned a T90 and it wasn't even as good as the DT990 for gaming, which I found odd. You can find the DT990 for around $150 at times on Amazon. I use a Modmic 3.0 with mine and an Astro Mixamp Pro (I play on Xbox ONE). Oh, and they're probably the most comfortable headphone you'll ever wear.


I hope that helps.

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Thanks for the suggestion cCasper TFG! I am really searching for something with a built in mic though.

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Alright man, you should really consider headphone and adding a mic though, you are sacrificing sound quality for convenience every time when buying a headset.
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Headphone + mic is a better idea 9/10 times. For your budget, I'd look at Sennhesier HD558's and a mic, and maybe a soundcard. The DT-990's would need an amp to sound their best, which could be really stretching your budget. Another option is the Phillips X1, they're quite easy to drive.

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My situation is that I game in a living room. I thought that a headset with a built in mic might allow me to game the most quietly. I would prefer if the mic was close to my mouth (like on a boom) so I could talk quietly and get good sound pickup. I am open to suggestions though. What should I read to learn more about getting a quality mic that would fit this situation? Keep in mind that I am a total novice with this concept.

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The modmic I use is a detachable boom mic. It connects to your headphones. Search "Antlion Modmic".
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I use the ModMic, there is a V-Moda one that is good, and the venerable Zaman clip-on for $7.
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Hmmm... So I feel like I would be open to grabbing some quality headphones and then dropping a modmic onto them. I know nothing about soundcards and amps though. Could you give me more info on those, or provide me with a link to more info? Thanks for all your help so far everyone!!!

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