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Well, I've pretty much got the board finished. I'm 95% sure it's all right!

FYI, here's the relevant information:
IC 2426 - TLE2426-DIP package
IC EL2001- Elantec 2001 buffer
IC AD823 - Analog Devices AD823 opamp
R1- LED power limiting resistor, value depends on input voltage and LED
R2- 308 ohms
R3- 332 ohms
R4- jumper(see note)
R5- there is no R5
R6- 66 OR 61.9 ohms
R7- 4.7k ohms

S- put a jumper to H2(see note)
NR- 1uF
C2f- 330uF electrolytic

NOTE: As written above, the amp will be configured to have the buffers inside the feedback loop (multiloop). If you feel like experimenting and putting them outside the loop, use the following settings.
R4- 4.7K
R7- jumper
S- jumper to H1

The SSOP-DIP adaper is something for another project. Remove it if you want, it has nothing to do with the amp.
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can someone please post a that PCB file?? Eric's links do not work!
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eric343: Can you supply a schematic? if someone is to build one of my Designs i hope thay would do it as i intended it to be. If you need a Schematic let me Know. Also if you Need PC board Artwork I can snail mail that to ya. My Pocket amp or as I gess it is now Called The 2001 space Odity. Humm... The name is indeed somthing i was remotly Considering My self since the Prototype of my New design pocket amp Usind EL-2001 AD-823 and EL-2001 splitter was first used at last years Oregon Country fair and the Theme of the fair was from the Movie and thay errected a Monolith Lighted in a Cool Blue. Listening to Steve roache's magnificent Void and Pink Floyd's Wish you were hear by this Glowing Monolith set a nice Mood. so It is strange that someone would come up with a similar name for this Amp. BTW use a EL-2001 as the Virtual ground driver rather than the TLE-2426 I used the TLE-2426 on just the Opamps as it's local Splitter and the Outout stage ues an EL-2001 as the rail Splitter. This works nice The Complete amp is upon a Ground Plained 2.7" X5.25" Board and this includes the twin 9 Volt batteries. My design uses
(3) EL-2001CN Buffer
(1) AD-823 JN Opamp
(1) TLE2426CPE Rail Splitter
(4) 2N5457 Jfet Transistors
(3) MPF-4392, PN4392 jFet transistors
(1) Blue LED

It draws about 12 Ma. and uses alot Less Rail capacitence than my other designs. 2,400uF/10V X 2 Per Rail on the Output Stage and 1,000uF/10 Volt per rail augmenting the TLE-2426 for the AD-823.
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it would be great if you could email me a schematic: jmw8se@virginia.edu

Thank You!
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The reason my links haven't been working is that I've been on vacaton and my webserver (read: main PC) has been turned off. It'll be turned back on tomorrow...
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Hey ppl, have you decided what you think of the 2001 + 2002 + 8610? Also, is there any chance I could get a copy of that amp's design that's not in Word format? I don't have Word, and the word processing software I have (which I normally don't even have installed) only opens Word 95 & before. Heck, if someone could just proved a decent (small) Word conversion program I'd be happy. :P (I'd prefer HTML or even PDF)
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Can you explain the purpose of R7 in your schematic?


Can you send me this Word file? I would like to see it. jmw8se@virginia.edu is my email

Thank you.
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It's the output resistor; like R5 in the original CMOY schematic. Sorry I didn't clarify that earlier; I'd totally forgotten about it! (in fact, I'd left out one! that's fixed now...)
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If somone sends me this Word file, I can convert it to PDF.
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I just downloaded Eric's PCB file and spent a few hours cleaning it up. I have it in ExpressPCB format and in PDF format.

EDIT: The links work now.

Eric, would you please send me your email address so I can explain what I've done to your PCB file and why? Thanks.
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did apheared use that output resistor? I didn't see it mentioned anywhere in his post.

btw can this be built on a 4x4 board with 2 inches of height clearance?
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Toe; The AD-8610 works very good with eather the 2001 or the 2002. i think the 2002 sounds slightly Cleaner than the 2001 but eather the 2001 or 2002 sound fantastic with the AD-8610. Dougi; Glad this design sounds good to you, Also like yourself i like the Bass extention of the 2008 better than the 2001 or 2001, But at 10 times the Output Current it dan well better. eric342 do not use a resistor on the Buffers output, Only one between the opamp output and the Buffers input this resistor value is Opamp and layout dependt but 100 ohms on the 2001 or 2002 min is good 150 ohm on the EL-2008. As far as Viewing MS Word docs on systems without word Microsoft Support has a free Download called Word Viewer that will allow you to see the Doc's.
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Thanks Guys!

Thanks Eric & Tangent for the PCB layout!
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Apheared did not use an output resistor in his own circuit. This I found out when discussing the circuit with him through PM.
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I've further modified Tangent's modifications. Here's some new information:

R2- 100k
R8- 308 ohms
R10- non-multiloop feedback resistor; don't put *anything* here if there's a resistor in R4

I also did away with the whole S/H1/H2 selector thing. Whether the buffer is inside the feedback loop is now determined by whether the feedback resistor is in position R4 or R10.
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