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Need some help ;)

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Hi, I currently own a pair of vmoda LP crossfades, but after a year the connection port has worn away and when ever I shake my head the sound will disappear for a couple seconds (different cables and devices did not make a difference). Also the bass seems to have tuned up, and everything is distorted. Anyway I'm looking for a new pair of headphones, I have a 300 usd budget and would like to purchase the headphones from either newegg or Amazon or any major brand store with a location in the USA. I listen to an odd variety of music. Mostly jpop, jrock, techno, electro, and some classical paino and flute pieces. I have looked into some headphones and narrowed it down to these but I am open to other options.
Vmoda m100
Sennhesier momentum
Hifiman he400
Beyer dynamic dt880 premium
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Do you have an amp or plan to acquire one? Do you have a preference for open or closed cans?


Personally I would scratch the dt880 from your list. I'm mainly an electronic listener and I don't care for them. They just leave something to be desired when it comes to electronic.


- Roy

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I don't have a preference in open or closed and I do own a fiio e11 portable amp.

The 880s also don't seem to be extremely portable, so I think I'll try to avoid them. Thanks.
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If you're looking for portable, scratch the HE400 from the list too. They are big, heavy, and open. You might want to consider adding the AKG K550 to your list. They are closed and relatively portable and should be adequate for the genres you specified.


- Roy

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Thanks for the recommendation but the 550s were way to dry for me. My friend let me try them a cloudless days after he bought them so they might not have been broken in. I found the bass shallow in electronic music but worked great for rock and classical music.

I'll double check to make sure my friend bought the same ones, and IL try them out again. Thanks again for the recommendation. I'll exclude the m100s to, I just tried them out at best buy and found them to be like my LP cross fades, just not as base heavy (a positive thing) and a tad bit better for rock and classical. I personally don't like vmoda warranty or customer support. So the options now are the momentum and 550's. I'll look into both some more. I also forgot to mention I will let be using these mostly with a android device with the fiio e11.
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I understand what you mean. I have 2 pairs of AKGs and they tend to have a drier/analytical sound. The bass in the K550 might lack some impact but they extend really low. I was going to suggest looking at the B&W P7 as they have great detail and some nice punch in the bottom end. They make for a really nice portable can but they are a bit over your price range ($400). I have heard the momentum briefly. They were pretty good from what I remember of them and are definitely a portable can. I wouldn't be comfortable making a suggestion for them though, perhaps somebody else can chime in and give you some feedback regarding the momentum.


- Roy

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I think I'll go with the momentum, I love the style and case that comes with it. I'll try them out and report back once I brake them in a little. If I don't like them ill return them to Amazon and buy them I'll have a budget of 400 usd from my next pay check.
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Cool. Good luck with the purchase! They are some slick headphones indeed.


- Roy

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So I did end up getting them, but I am returning them now. The sound was absolutely great, the bass response was just slightly elevated, and that was what I was looking for. The highs were not to harsh, and they really gave a good neutral sound while listening to all kinds of music. I enjoyed EDM to classical. The build quality was great, and they looked beautiful. Unfortunately, it does not matter how good a pair of cans sound, or how nice they look if they are not comfortable. They killed my ears after 30 min of wearing them. I gave them time, 5 days of constant torture on my head, thinking they would mold a little, making them more enjoyable to wear. I was wrong, they didn't improve and I could not take anymore pain on my ears. I was shocked they were not comfortable. I used the LP crossfades for a year, and they were known for having small cups, but that didn't bother me. 


Anyway, I am in the middle of returning the Momentums, and I will purchase the B&W p7s. I decided that I would pay the extra $$$ if that means I can enjoy my music on the go. 

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You might also check out the Innerfiedility Wall of Fame lists

Might find something there that you like smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks for the link. I looked at most of them, and saw the NAD Viso HP50 stand out. I already ordered the P7s but if for some reason I dont like them, ill go for the NAD Viso HP50 (They look a bit odd on peoples heads though).

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The P7s sound pretty good smily_headphones1.gif
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I got the P7s about 4 days ago (Amazon took 10 days to ship :( ) And burned them in for 14 hrs. I love how these feel compared to the Momentum, I can personally wear the P7s for 3 hrs before  I need to take a short break, compared to the Momentum 14 min, its a huge difference. The sound is not like the momentum at all. The base response is a tad bit heavier, but seems only to become noticeable when its needed, the momentum just added the low ends to about everything, the p7s only add it where it needs to be, mostly in electronic music. The highs are more, well, high on the P7s (They sounded shrill when I fist got them, after the burn in the toned down a bit). The mids seem to be the same, but the treble, the treble is wonderful, momentums felt like a closed can, the P7s dont. Not sure if its the magnetic drivers, but the sound is so much open then momentum. The p7s build quality amazing. Quality parts on every single inch. I miss the hard case with the momentums, but I was able to find a case that fit them on amazon, . the 399 price point is still high, and I do have 30 days to return these headphones, ill keep listening but I tell myself these headphones are 299, with a $100 price point for real leather, quality metal, and gorgeous design. Not to mention hoe much more durable these feel compared to the momentums. 

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