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I thought it might be helpful/interesting to start a thread discussing the current trend in HD DAPs that seem to be flooding the market, comparing features, price and overall value.
We don't need to be recommending clips in this category as technically they're not HD. Whether or not HD DAPs are better or not is not quite the point of this thread, it seems many users swear by them (whether it's placebo or not), and these owners tend to have come from a Sansaclip/Cowon player as previous DAP.
The aim of this thread is to simply rank or rate the various HD DAPs that currently exist on the market hopefully being of help to someone who is dead set on trying a HD DAP. The rules of entry are any DAP that can support 24bit/192kHz

I'll start;

It occurs that the new Cowon P1 is arguably the worst value for money HD DAP on the market. At a whopping $1200USD and sporting only an official 8hrs 30minutes battery life (less in real time I'm sure), I'm not sure who this is appealing to, doesn't come across as being very portable to me.

Doing a little preliminary searching I discovered that the iBasso DX50 might be the best valued HD DAP. At a price of $239USD it seems to be one of the cheaper HD DAPS. Apparently it supports a rockbox port (tho I know not of how stable), can take a SD or Microsd card up to 2TB! But the really interesting feature is the removable battery (any Samsung S3 battery will suffice), and it also gets a quoted 14hrs playback.

Is the iBasso DX50 the best value HD DAP around?

Then there is the DX90 but I'm not sure how exactly it is better than the DX50...

Anyone want to wade in and share their 2 cents?