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Hey, so... maybe you guys can help me out.. I just bought an AK120 from the classifieds here and it came pre-loaded with the last owners music (he was going outta town, didn't have time to wipe it). I've deleted everything (all the music I didn't want), but the music still shows up on the device as song titles, album art etc, but doesn't play. It just says error. Can you tell me how I wipe the AK120 clean so I can begin adding and listening to the music I want? I'm using a 2013 Macbook Pro rt, if that helps at all. I can go through "Disk Utilities" and select Erase for the AK120, but I'm pretty sure it'll completely clean the AK120 of EVERYTHING, and I doubt that's a good idea sooo... Help? Please? Any info/advice is appreciated!

p.s. (Already contacted iriver on facebook and via their site a day ago with no response as of yet)


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