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I've a chance at a set of little used Beyer DT 880/600 cans for a very reasonable price.  It is suggested that a serious dedicated amp be used to realize the full potential of the 600 ohm model but I wonder if the solid state headphone amp built into the Rogue Cronus tube amp is sufficient to drive the 880's properly??


Not finding any specs on the headphone amp, I asked Mark O'Brian, the owner of Rogue Audio.  He says they favor the Grado's, the 30 ohm models but says the 250 or 600 ohm should (??) do fine.  There's a BIG difference between 'should' and 'will'.


I'm wonder if anyone here has tried this combo or any other higher impedance cans with the Cronus??  Is it enough or should I back pedal for the 250 ohm models??  I'd hate to give up the improvements the 600 ohm model incorporated.  From everything I've read, it seems to be just what I've been looking for.


Thanks in advance for your time and patience,

Dan Learned