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Opera singer again.


I record my lessons and coachings, used to have the H3 and H4 but of course portable digital recording devices have evolved since then!  Right now I'm just using my phone, which is woefully inadequate.  :p


For those of you used to non-classical singers: I don't sing /near/ a mic, it's just in the room picking up the voice after it has some time to bounce around. The bigger the room, the better it sounds.


The thing is: I have a Wagnerian-caliber voice. A BIG voice. In the industry we refer to "size," but it really has to do with both volume capability and, *more* importantly, the overtones and timbre that can "cut" through an orchestra or soar over it.  I could never really listen much to my own voice on my lesson recordings (it would often oversaturate, or something, before the onboard adjustments of the old recorders could do anything about it).  When I have a performance recorded by a professional, of course there's a world of difference because of their equipment.


So, is there some reasonably portable solution people can recommend? I'm good with buying a separate mic. 


I'm considering the Apogee One because of its decent price and DAC/amp capability (I also would like a headphone amp.)  But I'm concerned about whether a condenser mic will work for this application - it has to be able to handle some volume and pick up as much as possible in the way of overtones.


Open to suggestions, but I don't have a whole lot to spend on this side of things. The headphones are more important (separate thread).