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I wanted to make you Head-Fi computer audio folks aware of a new free set of ultra hirez DSD downloads available. As a volunteer employee for I must preface this by saying my views are, of course, biased, but this post is not asking you to buy anything.

Our NativeDSD team of artists and producers are using cutting edge recording techniques to bring you the purest high resolution stereo and multichannel music. Well....what if I told you that they also have even more special "session tapes" and unedited performances that, up till now, are only heard by the production teams and those close to the industry. And often these direct recordings are laid down in even higher resolutions and sample rates than when sold, usually due to the fact that no significant commercial playback was available (i.e DSD128 even 12 months ago, and now DSD256 and multichannel dsd128 and above). These include stereo, multichannel and even some binaural recordings, from DSD64 to DSD256.

We've created a members-only label called Just Listen (free to register, free to download), and it is dedicated to presenting unedited ultra high resolution session recordings (just as we receive them, often in raw formats like DFF). Also included are other sample rates, converted professionally (Sonoma, Pyramix, etc) to allow more of you who only have DSD64 or high rez PCM (DXD) dacs to experience these recordings as close to the mic as possible......even compare sample rates! You might find your DAC loving one more than the other. Debate them, compare them with your friends' findings.

Oh...did I mention they are FREE!!! Enjoy! Just listen..... (and hit the button under "Introducing Just Listen")