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Hey guys I'm trying to find out the name of this song its driving me crazy. I don't remember the song only the video from when I looked them up on youtube a few years ago unfortunately I don't remember anything else. I do not recall much of the song only that it was a rock song/pop song. And the video (watched it on youtube) had this guy with a piercing and semi long brown hair (kinda looked like that guy from one direction I think) but he had a piercing I think it was either near his cheek or the corner of his lip. Anyway as he is singing his band mates around him these people are following them (I think it was all girls not 100% sure) the whole video they are facing and walking towards the camera (the band and the people), and the setting looks like a sort of dirt road with like a bunch of green pastures in the back ground that is all I can remember. Oh and like I said the song came out in the last like 5 years, I don't know if they have other hits besides that though I doubt it since it was the one and only song I heard from them.

Any help will be appreciated thanks.

Edit: *I just remembered a few more details there were 3 band members I am pretty sure in the video the drummer is to the guys left walking with the singer to his left and to his right is his other band mate that looked sort of dorky I don't remember if he had glasses the road has grass around it so it wasn't filled in the city looks sort of like the country side *