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Hi, I'm planning on buying a new IEM in under 30$. I know my price range is very low but just like any regular user I'm looking for these few things :

* Great isolation. Isolation matters to me because I generally travel in a bus or subway. And there is a lot of noise that spoils the music.

Crisp Bass. It should NOT be overwhelming. It should not leak into the mids and spoil them. It should be tight and crisp.

Not So Painful Highs. I kinda listen to music for 2-3 hours at a stretch and highs really pain my ears. I want then to be clear but not too crisp.

* Wide Soundstage. I guess this a bit to much to ask for this price range but I've never had earphones with a wide soundstage. I've owned the UE200 and a pair of Ink'd which were not so great in this matter.


Here are a bunch of IEMs I'm considering:

1>> Xiaomi Piston 2.0/ iF edition (don't know the difference between them)


3>> Meelectronics M9 (I've read these have pretty wide soundstage, no personal experience though)