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Fisrt of all moderators please move my thread if it is not in the right place :)


I have since yesterday a Sennheiser Momentum, said to be 18 ohm, plugged into my well loved Cocon J3.


I have baught it to replace my in ear Sennheiser IE-80, because it hurts my ears after 20min of music listening...

However, the IE-80 delivers the large amount of bass (a lot...) for me.


First impression when I plugged the Momentum : bass has vanished, and it makes me sad :'(

Even with setting the Cowon J3 with the maximum of bass (BBE set to 8 and MACH3BASS set to 10) bass are not loud like I like...


I want to keep the Momentum. So please what can I do ?


I thank you for your help/advises