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Debut Project III Troubleshooting

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Hey guys,


I didn't know where else to go to help troubleshoot this problem so I hope I can find some help here.


I have a Project III Debut (USB version) and it suddenly stopped working.


There is a loud hum that comes from connecting it to speakers and no music comes through.


This is the case when I connect it to my receiver/speakers and when I use the USB to run it through my computer.


I hope that's enough information for a dianosis of what could be wrong. Again, there's not even a faint sound of music making it to the speakers, just one loud hum.


Thanks for your time and any help!!!!

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Are you running it into the phono input on your receiver?


The voltage coming off the cartridge is too low to play without a preamp.


By suddenly stopped working upon which circumstances did you first notice it going from a working state to not working?


If you put your ear near the needle while it is playing can you hear the music playing very quietly?

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Thanks for the reply.


Yes, I hear it playing on the grooves of the record. I've tried the phono output and other outputs on the receiver.  I've tested the receiver with other equipment and it works fine. Also, there is nothing that is coming out of the speakers except a buzz. No low volume music at all.


Literally, it was working fine one weekend and not the next! No moving or changing anything.


Again, thanks for your time!

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Could it be that the needle and Project connection is broken in some way?  Try to trace the wires from the cartridge and make sure that there is not a break or disconnect.


Are you sure you have the correct input selected on your receiver?


You had it working at one point?


I am not sure if plugging in the USB stops out the output to the receiver, but if you can try disconnecting the USB output and listening again perhaps that will help.

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Yes, it was working for a couple of years just fine with the same setup. I can't see any obvious disconnect between the cartridge and wires and am afraid that I'm out of my domain by opening anything up without having some idea first of what to look for.


When I do the USB setup, it runs through Audacity on my computer and out through laptop speakers. It's not even connected to the receiver in that case. And I still get the loud buzz with no music hiding underneath.


Thanks for the troubleshooting.

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It could be a bad capacitor which can lead to more of a squeal than buzz.  A buzz may mean that the grounding inside the unit is bad for some reason.


Try all other USB ports.

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