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Audio technica ATH-M50 vs ESW9A

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I've searched the forum for a comparison of the two but couldn't find one. I wanted to know how these two headphones from audio technica compare to each other, in terms of sound quality and comfort. I already own the M50, and while it sounds fantastic, it's not really comfortable for me. So please, if anyone have tried both, do share your experiences and feelings.



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No one has experienced these two headphones??

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Haven't tried the M50 before, but I do own my 6 years old ESW9 that's very actively used. Build issue can be a problem though it's made in Japan.

Sound wise, think of it as wearing a tube amp on your head. Sounds warm, probably due to the wood enclosure. Forward mids with luscious vocals. Especially female vocals. Bass impact is there, but not bloated. Which I like. Highs are a little rolled off though specs say 35kHz. Never trust specs, haha.

Not really suitable for fast paced music, more suited for jazz and whatever similar in speed. Comfort is above average for something supra-aural thanks to genuine lambskin ear pads. Isolation is horrible though, and better suited for home use. Wood enclosure is hard to maintain too, easily scuffed. But no denying it's visual sexiness.

Added: soundstaging and detailing probably not the best, but that's (average details) what makes it easy on the ears and intimate. I will never be selling mine because as coloured as it is, it sounds so damn fantastic with the right kind of music.
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I owned the m50 recently and own the esw9. I am not sure how different the esw9a is so take note of that with the following:

I origingets was going to buy the m50 a few years ago, but got upsold/impressed with the a900x.

I had also been interested in the esw9 as they were small and very cool seeming (As a noob: what? Wood? Omggg! Was my reaction basically) but also crazy expensive in Australia. I recent got them at a much better price so that is good.

Anyway: the m50 to me are pretty clampy but have sort of soft cushioning. The esw9 are on east with better material but not as thickly cushioned and also clamp firmly. I have glasses and find them difficulty to wear for long.. Along the lines of the dt1350.. Maybe 2 hours is good before need a rest.

sounds wise the m50s on my latest ownership served a little dull.. Decent extension and decent staging. A little unexciting in the MIDs. Not the most detailed for an analytical ear but you know, reasonable.

The esw9 have a large driver for an on ear so they have a surprising breadth for their size but directly comparing the two are probably similar. The mids are great and the bass is extremely Organic and deep. The highs are fairly hidden...relaxed? The headphone is a fun listen and fairly detailed.. Nothing is sloppy, but it is not the fastest, perhaps balance and speed where it gets bested by the m50.

So in short the esw9 will give you a very different listening experience with its warm and organic tones.. but it is not the best if wanting a neutral headphone for analysis.
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Thanks for sharing guys. Anyway, i'm not someone who's gonna analyse his music or anything. I guess the esw9 is not well-suited for me since i crave for clarity and i mainly listen to electronic music (trance) where speed and clarity are the main aspects. I'll try to find another headphone, maybe the ATH-WS99, because i read that both bass & clarity are massive on these. If anyone has any experience with the ws99, please share your thoughts.



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