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Mobile Bluetooth mod?

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I'll preface with the comment that if anyone knows of a product that does this, please refer me.


I use IEM's on the go, and hook them up to my phone. I would love to use a fiio or other dac/amp to do so, but I really don't like wires; however, in a weird way.

I have not problems with wires running into my coat (I wear a suit daily) but I want to be able to have my phone free of it. So basically a Bluetooth adapter. But I am very dissatisfied with all that I have seen in terms of quality.


My thinking was what if I could have a Bluetooth adapter than fed digital audio line out into a dac/amp combo? Then the only hindrance of quality of the limitation of Bluetooth, and not crappy Jabra hardware. Would this work? How might I do it?


Phone's Bluetooth<Bluetooth receiver<digital out into DAC<Amp<IEM's.

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You mean something like this? iLive IAB13B I have one of these, I use it to listen to music in my kitchen using my phone. Its been a while since I've used it so I can't remember what the audio quality was.

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