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ATH M50s volume issues

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Hey, I've recently gotten my M50s, and I find the volume to be quite low, I have a onboard soundcard ( P8Z77V-Pro Motherboard )

The Max volume doesn't feel loud, but it sorta feels just a bit above casual listening level, which doesn't deliver the feeling of some songs that are meant to be played loudly. One a few songs the volume crackles a little, and there's not much bass at all, I need to enable Bass Boost to get a feeling of bass. Is my pair defective? I've not dropped them or done anything to them that could cause damage, nicely been put on a desk whenever I don't use them. Only used at my computer.  

Do I just need a proper Soundcard or a Amp maybe? I don't know much about this, as this is my first proper headphones, all my previous ones have been gaming headsets.

Thanks in advance! 

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I don't know anything about your motherboard model, but could be crappy onboard audio. Have you tested them with an iPod or iPhone? Perhaps a friend has one? They have good audio quality and would give you an idea of whether or not your computer and headphones are not playing well together.

Also, make certain that the jack connection is working right with your computer and the headphones (another reason to try them on another device).

If you want an inexpensive DAP that the M50s sound good with, get a Sansa Clip+. iPod quality sound for $30 biggrin.gif
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