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My issue is that adjusting the subwoofer volume on the xonar dx doesnt effect the actual subwoofer volume much.

  • (sound card setting = what i actually hear)
  • Everything at standard volume = Everything normal
  • Sub volume off + all other normal = Everything normal but sub is very slightly quieter, maybe 15 - 20%
  • Everything off except sub = Only the sub plays sound
  • Everything off = No sound


I have the speakers set to 6 channel direct, but it is obvious that they are not doing that. They seem to be combining the sub channel from my sound card with the low frequencies from the rest of the channels. Which makes sense i guess since logitech wouldn't want any sound to go missing due to the soundcard not giving correct frequencies etc.


But my soundcard has a "flexbass" feature, in non marketing speak it sets the crossover between the sub and speakers. Should i leave that turned off and let the speakers deal with everything, or should i try and get it set precisely to the correct value?

I have seen lots of people quote 80Hz but there is still plenty of bass with the bass channel muted on the soundcard albeit quite a bit less than normal. You can also hear volume being cut from the satellites thanks to the low cut that is created. The system has a more full sound with the crossover feature disabled but sounds muddy too.


This sort of thing is a little beyond any setting up i have done in the past. I have been using these speakers + soundcard for a year now, they sounded so much better than integrated that i was pleased, but am now hoping to actually set everything up 100% properly.



I am using the unified drivers, the original ones caused hourly blue screens of death with certain applications.

I am a music tech student but all mixing knowledge is based upon stereo sound and using headphones/iems as monitors. So i don't know how to correctly set these speakers up (despite them being something like 6 years old as well as having them paired with the xonar dx for about a year :p )



Thanks for any help

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