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Hi, I've been looking at new headphones for a while. I'm mainly looking in the $100 - $150 range. I currently have the Sony MDR XB500 set, I love them, but I'm looking for something more durable and better sounding. After using this set for over 2 years, my standards concerning comfortability are set pretty high. I've tried my friend's pair of Audio Technica's ATH - M50 and I was surprised at how much umph they had, as well as the clarity of the music, however I only got to try them for a couple seconds, maybe I'll get some more experience with them later.


My main points to touch are :


- Close to and Under $150


- Comfortability

- Bass (not over powering)

- Generally great sounding

- If I could, I would like headphones that do not leak, but if this is too much to ask for, disreguard it


I don't really care if they look huge, I'm not really looking to wear them in public. Having a Y or V cable doesn't bother me either. 


Through my own research, I was able to find a couple sets that I feel are contenders such as:


- Brainwavz HM5, amazingly comfortable, good price point, $125, good looks, deatchable cables, also comes with many accessories such as cables and a hard shell case which I really want


- Audio Technica ATH - M50, everybody says they are amazing, I thought they were too, but I dont really like all the plastic, weren't the most comfortable. Although I've seen the new ATH - M50x, which have deatchable cables and better padding, also comes with 3 different cables, but are more expensive


What are your thoughts? In your opinion, what is the best pair to buy in this price range?


Also recommend any types of amps if you think they will offer a better experience, within reason of course.