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Suggestions for Punchy Bass yet Malleable Sound

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So I've lurked around here for awhile now. I read a lot of threads when it comes to other people asking for suggestions for their needs. So I'm not completely uninformed, because I know how suggestion threads can get.


But I'm not good at describing sound, using standard terms. I can hear it though. I can hear what you guys describe just fine. But when I listen to music, those words don't come to me haha. But I do know that I can recognize a 320 Bitrate, Usually I wait until a video on youtube starts playing in LQ, before switching to 1080p quality, because when the audio makes that transition in quality I often get goosebumps. 


Music clarity is very ideal. And by clarity I mean as little distortion as possible. I don't want sounds to bottom or top out. I want some powerful magnets around my head. I consider myself a BassHead, because I prefer to feel my bass. I don't like Beats by Dre, my $30 sony's have a frequency range that goes all the way down to 5Hz, Beats only go down to 20, and that makes a difference to me. 


I want a set of Over-Ear or In-Ear headphones that will give me a solid bass boost, whilst leaving most other things untouched. I play with my Equalizers A LOT. Which is why I want some cans that have a malleable sound.


The earbuds I got with my Galaxy S3 LTE:



Are actually some of the best headphones I've listened to, because those rubber ends really add a Bass boost effect to your sound without actually doing anything to the audio stream. Yeah the treble was a little touchy on them, but I could fix any problem I had almost with them, using simple EQ presets for music genre's. I consider the Galaxy S3 earbuds to have malleable sound with Punchy Bass. 



I listen to 97% Electronic Music. Flux Pavillion, Doctor P, Nero, The Flashbulb, as examples. 

Other music includes. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Will.I.Am. Iggy Azalea.



Base my needs off those Artists if you will. Obviously these artists use super clean Bass hits. They have large soundstages that are filled with rich bottom layers. Even with bad cans, I'll eventually be able to make the High's sound right to me. But nothing but good drivers and construction can get the bottom end of the sound spectrum to come out as it should. 


I want the Bass to be Open, Clean, Powerful Maybe even slightly overpowering, Un-Distorted, and with an Impact. 




I'm looking at spending at least $100, upwards of $150. I originally wanted a set of Grado's (80i or 125i), but after some posts I read I feel as though they would never fill out my bass requirements. I've seriously been looking around for a couple weeks here, with no Hi-Fi shop to demo any products. But I've tried to describe my bass needs as best I could for now. I know in the end with no prior testing it will all be up to me, but more Anecdotes about different brands will always help. I'm not looking for an impulse buy here.



Portability Is not much of a concern here. When I'm walking around outside, it'd be nice to have Ballin' sound, but I'm more concerned about when I'm plugged into my PC listening to my full featured Sound Card, Music Players and their Robust EQ's.



Thank you.

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Grados are definitely not a good choice for you. Their midbass is somewhat punchy, but the subbass rolls off fast.

ATH-M50s (or M50X) and M-Audio Q40s are two of the most popular bassy phones in your budget range.

BTW: I would not believe manufacturer claims about low end frequency response. Just because they say "5hz" doesn't mean the response is usable smily_headphones1.gif
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You should definitely take a look at Yamaha HPH-200 On Ear headphones.


This are the bassiest Open-Air headphones I've tried so far (And I also own Philips Fidelio L1, and Beyerdynamic DT990)


HPH-200 also have a bit recessed upper midrange/lower treble which make them really forgiving of poorly recorded material (most modern music) and also allows you to listen at higher levels without feeling uncomfortable (Definitely not "shouty" upper mids)


The upper treble (lets say between 6Khz and 12Khz) is on the "lively" side, which helps to bring some details to the front, making a pretty fun and engaging sound signature for EDM.



Best Luck!

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I'm going to look into ATH-M50s (or M50X) and M-Audio Q40s Tonight!


As far as the Yamaha HPH-200's go. Those sound like a fantastic choice from what I could find on them. See I understand better when people explain sound in terms of Sound Frequencies or Hz/KHz on an EQ. From what I've read, along with some of the Manufactuer's specs, and these do seem like some really underrated Headphones that might fit my bill.


Because I'm in no way a Professional, but I do consider Audio to be my main passion in life, even ahead of programming. After stumbling upon Head-Fi, I learned a lot about what it was I was doing. I play the PC Game Stepmania on a Daily basis. It's a keyboard simulation of Dance Dance Revolution, allowing custom songs/note charts. So naturally when that kind of game is what I spend most of my time doing, I picked up on Rhythm, BPM Slides, and Pattern Recognition for starters. And since I always play with Headphones, to save others from the sometimes corny music, the game got me to develop an ear for sound quality and how to Compartmentalize Sound Layers. 


So I've developed overtime some Audiophile tendencies just from my habitual routines. I'm very interested in taking these skills further. So I'm in the market for mentor/tutor I suppose.

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