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Official 2014 SF Head-Fi Meet, July 19, 2014, DoubleTree San Francisco Airport  

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

8:30am to 4:30pm 


DoubleTree by Hilton

835 Airport Blvd
Burlingame, CA 94010




Please reply to this thread if you plan on attending. Include a list of equipment that you plan on bringing. The next post in this thread includes the current exhibitor/attendee/gear list. If you are planning to come and your name is not on the list, please let me know via PM or post in the thread.




Please visit http://tinyurl.com/SF-Meet-Registration to complete the online registration form. 


$15 General Presale (until July 14)


$20 at Door


Name badges will be issued at the registration desk and must be worn at all times during the meet



If you would like to help out at the Registration Desk for part of the event please let me know via PM. In addition to this being a lot of FUN, entrance to the meet is free.



We will have an amazing BONUS RAFFLE, stay tuned for details!




We will set up an easel pad and markers at the Registration Desk Area where items can be listed along with their location within the meet. 




$10 self parking for the day. Validation will be available at the Registration Desk.



Public Transportation

The BART Station runs to the San Francisco International Airport and there is a complimentary shuttle from there. The hotel shuttle runs every 20 minutes (no need to call – it’s automatic)!



Facilities and Power

The event will be held on the second floor of the hotel. If you are bringing gear, please remember to bring power strips and extension cords.



Meet Rules

  • Please treat fellow head-fiers, vendors, and their gear with the utmost care and respect.
  • Do not unplug headphones without asking permission from the owners first.
  • Do not turn anything on or off without asking permission first.
  • Do not move anyone's gear from their established area without asking permission.
  • Absolutely no food and drink will be allowed near any equipment including your own. There is ample space within the hotel, as well as Starbucks/bar/restaurant for food and drink.
  • Please have courtesy and ensure that your hands are CLEAN before handling other’s equipment.
  • Be mindful of the time you are spending listening to vendors and others’ gear especially if there are others waiting in line.
  • Be mindful of personal hygiene. DO NOT use hair gel or other product that may damage or stain a headband or earpads.
    DO NOT wear hair gel or any cosmetic product that may damage or stain a headband or earpads.
  • Please use common sense! To repeat the most important rule: treat fellow head-fiers, vendors, and their gear with the utmost care and respect.



Setup and Breakdown

Setup starts at 7:30am. Meet starts at 8:30am. Bonus raffle starts at 4:00pm followed by breakdown by 5pm.



Loading/Unloading Information


If you are sending in equipment from out of town, please contact the hotel directly to make arrangements for handling and processing. Stay tuned for more information.



Hotel Discounts

Check the travel sites (expedia.com, etc) as well as the hotel's own site for most current hotel pricing.

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Astell & Kern - http://www.astellnkern.com/

Audeze - http://www.audeze.com/

Audio DNYA

Audio Nerd USA - http://www.audionerdusa.com/

Audiovision SF - http://www.audiovisionsf.com/

Avatar Acoustics - http://www.avataracoustics.com/home.html

Cavalli Audio - https://www.cavalliaudio.com/

Darin Fong Audio - https://fongaudio.com/

Donald North Audio - http://www.dnaudio.com

Headamp - http://www.headamp.com/

Light Harmonic - http://www.lightharmonic.com/


MrSpeakers - http://www.mrspeakers.com/

Noble Audio - http://nobleaudio.com/

OPPO Digital - http://www.oppodigital.com/

Pendulumic - http://pendulumic.com/

Ultimate Ears - http://www.ultimateears.com/en-us/

Vostok Sound - http://vostoksound.com/

Voxoa - http://www.voxoa.com/

Woo Audio - http://www.wooaudio.com/

WyWires - http://www.wywires.com/



Attendees (table space allocation)

1. third_eye (1)

2. warrenpchi (1)

3. mikemercer (1)

4. shioriskine (1)

5. Hifiguy528

6. jw111

7. russtafarian

8. dichtert

9. tengen

10. Zashoomin (1)

11. aamefford 

12. Stoney

13. bcschmerker4

14. shane55

15. gancanjam

16. rptlead

17. amb (1)

18. linuxworks (1)

19. CEE TEE (1)

20. 3X0

21. FYL941

22. gepardcv

23. baronkatz (0.5)

24. JustinBieber (0.5)

25. vipervick

26. ed45

27. bluedeer3

28. zerodeefex

29. SanJoseCanJunkie (1)

30. Questhate

31. redmaw

32. bmoura

33. parb

34. calaf (1)

35. uriz3n

36. hselburn

37. Mdraluck23

38. peter_in_the_bay (0.5)

39. particleman14 (1, sharing with TMoney)

40. Physther (0.5)

41. Crashem (1)

42. sobrietywarrior

43. soundboy

44. phototristan

45. bobcn 

46. NotoriousBIG_PJ

47. uzi

48. sacaudio

49. bloomphoto

50. Blisse

51. topgunsphd

52. kodreaming

53. georgedengit

54. phiely

55. nerodeng

56. GauthamM

57. tengen

58. F14sharky

59. Stereolab42

60. seqasim

61. JanG

62. bentobox

63. garnold

64. TMoney

65. mattering (0.5)

66. Mark-sf

67. surfski

68. Ending

69. blessingx

70. themailman05

71. digitalzed

72. oakie (0.5)

73. jazzfan

74. Jake Barnes

75. Daegalus

76. Jeffrey S

77. moshen

78. No_One411 (0.5)

79. junepy

80. PFKMan23

81. Ricky K

82. voicemaster

83. hmouse

84. cgiammona

85. Antonio (AudioVisionSF)

86. Audiowood

87. coolmingli

88. EmadM

89. LiuTim

90. xero404


92. Fixel

93. JonathanC

94. biggles78

95. smm31

96. balu_613

97. schmarrick

98. balaseetha

99. WaiLeung

100. JinK

101. AnneC

102. Listen123

103. tohm

104. axc123

105. Grahame

106. xero404

107. JenniferC

108. gzone3lement

109. CraptaculusXVI

110-112. Dark-wizzie +2

113. LarryS

114. EdwinC

115. vlach

116. Tonyflo

117. Soria

118. YanX

119. EricL

120-121. Vabene+1

122. alexbpm

123. HansR

124. JohnG

125. RichH

126. vabene

127. vaed







AKG 701

AKG K812

AKG K1000

Audeze LCD-2 (multiple)
Audeze LCD-3 (multiple)

Audeze LCD-X (multiple)

Audeze LCD-XC (multiple)

Audio Technica ATH-ES10 (With ESW11 Pads)
Audio Techinica ATH-ESW9A

Audio Technica ATH w1000X

Audio Technica W5000

Beyerdynamic T90

Beyerdynamic T1

Beyerdynamic T5p
Denon AH-D750
Denon AH-D950

Denon D7000

Grado HP-1000 (HP-1)

Grado RS-1

Heir 3.ai

Hifiman HE-400i

Hifiman HE-500 (multiple)

Hifiman HE-560

Hifiman HE-6

JH Audio Roxanne

King Sound H3

MrSpeakers Alpha Dog (multiple)

MrSpeakers Mad Dog (multiple)

Noble 3, 4, 5, 6

Noble 3C, 4C, 5C, 8C

Noble K10

Oppo PM-1 (multiple)

Oppo PM-2

Sennheiser Amperior

Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser HD600

Sennheiser HD650 (multiple)

Sennheiser HD 7

Sennheiser HD700 (multiple)

Sennheiser HD800 (multiple)

Sennheiser IE800

Shure SRH940

Shure 1540

Ultimate Ears UE4, UE5, UE7, UE11, UE18

Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitor x2

Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitor (w/tuning box)

Ultimate Ears UE900

Ultrasone Pro 900



Cavalli EHHA Rev. A

Cavalli Liquid Glass

Cavalli Liquid Gold

DNA Sonnett 2

DNA Stratus

Eddie Current 2A3x4

Headamp Aristaeus

Headamp Blue Hawaii SE

Headamp GSX mkII

Headamp Pico


King Sound M10

King Sound M20

Red Wine 30.2

Sennheiser HDVD 800

Sennheiser HDVD 600

Schiit Mjolnir Amp

Violectric V220

Vostok Electrostatic Amp/Dac
Woo Audio WA6SE

Woo Audio WA7/Wa7d Fireflies

Woo Audio WA22



amb y2

Astell + Kern AK120 (multiple)

Astell + Kern AK240 (multiple)

Auralic Vega

Baetis Media Server

Burson Conductor

Chord Hugo (multiple)

Grace Design m903

Grace Design m920

Lampizator DAC

Light Harmonic Geek Out

MacIntosh S100

Meier Audio Stage Dac

Oppo BDP-105D

Oppo HA-1 (multiple)

Red Wine Isabellina HPA

Resonnessence Concero

Triode DAC 1.0

Triode TRX1 

Violectric V281

Wadia 170i
Woo Audio WDS-1 DAC



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Raffle Update


We'll be posting detailed information on how the raffle will work but for now here is an updated list of prices and we have some seriously cool stuff!


Mr Speakers - Mad Dog Headphone

WyWires - $1000 Gift Certificate

Sennheiser - Night & Day Pack (Amperior & HD25 Headphones)

Ultimate Ears - UE900 Earphone

Oppo Digital - PM-2 Headphone

HiFiman - HM-700 DAP & RE-600b Earphone

Audeze - LCD2 Bamboo

Darin Fong Audio - Out of Your Head Software

Audio DNYA - IEM cable

Noble Audio - Noble 4

Voxoa - Voxoa HD Wireless Headphone

Pendulumic - Stance 1 Wireless Headphone

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Why!? WHY!??


I'm still abroad by July 19...


Ah well, have fun without me, folks. I'll see you guys at CAS if we also have a meet by then.

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Definitely interested! Does anyone happen to have a Violectric V200 / V800?

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Sounds fun, but I'll be in Georgia for work then.
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Originally Posted by tengen View Post

Definitely interested! Does anyone happen to have a Violectric V200 / V800?


Violectric's distributor Matrix Audio sent us both of these units for the SoCal meet. There is a chance that the new Violectic units may already be shipping by then and if so, we would likely be able to get samples for the meet.

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I will be attending.  Unless something comes up, (which I doubt) I will be there.  For now I plan on bringing a couple different things.  Yulong DA8, Beta22 (4 channels), Krell KSA 5 Klone, KG Dynahi, LCD 3's, CAL's.  The gear list might change, then again it might not but I will update my list as soon as I know for sure exactly what I will have.  Looking forward to the meet and thank you to everyone that is involved in planning it.  We really appreciate your hard work.  

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I plan on it. Summer travel may interfere.

Alpha Dogs
Bifrost Uber
Northern Fidelity NF DAC
Other stuff - I'm in migration mode right now.
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Hey, all: 


I'm still alive and kickin', but July is still unknown.  I'll do my best to come and see you and your great toys.  



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Thanks for the heads up on the next Meet.  Hopefully I won't faceplant into another schedule conflict....:cool:

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Reserved, and thank you for making this one on a Saturday!!



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I'll be there.

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Will be there guys, was at Chang fest bay area major meetup which happened more than an year ago and was a cracker. Have had only $15 cans all through my life and after being there i got inspired and bought 3 portable goodies last year, they are no Stax rig :-) but at least they were a huge leap for me considering where i came from, so will bring my DX50, Heir 3.ai and Senn Amperior.

Planning to get inspired more :-) and buy some serious gig this time !!
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I will attend.
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