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Pat Metheny - Unity Band "Kin"

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Anybody have this release beside me?    Any long time Metheny fans here?


In his long catalog of music over 30 years this is only the second release with a dedicated sax instrument in the mix.....and Chris Potter is no slouch! (Ben Williams on bass either).  [His "80/81" release with the late Michael Brecker was the last sax release]


Anyway.....I am absolutely floored by this CD.  I have followed Pat since early 80's and don't understand why so many don't offer credit to his jazz contributions. I would argue he is the most prolific jazz inovater of our generation (past 30 years).


I find this latest release very multi-layered, multi-dimensional....the first 2-3 listens I did not get much out of it.  But knowing Metheny.....I knew there was a lot more I simply did not grasp (mindwise).  WOW!....after about the 5th listen with some familiarity.......UNREAL!


The biggest problem I have with this CD is that AFTER every time I listen to it...everything else sounds sub-par or inferior.  He has one of the greatest musical minds on the earth IMHO.


Anyway...the playing and chemistry among these guys on this record is unreal.  I think this is currently the BEST jazz band touring right now on the face of the earth.  I say that with supreme confidence.  I think Antonio Sanchez is the most talented drummer on the globe right now.

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Fantastic album. My 24/96 copy is just pure audio heaven. :)

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Yes, a very well recorded cd.  The first 15 min track is worth the price of the cd.  The way it starts....how it introduces 3 different instruments playing 3 different time sigs.....the syncopation...unreal!  Yet the song is a perfectly melded masterpiece.  How do you come up with stuff like this??

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