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Sony xba c-10 review, and a problem..

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I'm quite new here and not familiar with the audiophile terminology, but I just got this set and wanted to write a small review.



In brief, they are good. 



Explained:- I have been for months coming to Head-fi, quite entertaining I may say, and I also spent hours on a local shop trying different sets, both IEM and regular on-ear headsets. (I'm located in Japan, btw, that shop has hundreds of sets open for you to try with your own audio device).


I decided to get and affordable set of IEM, along with a headphones set so I can compare them and see what I like more, instead of spending a lot on my first IEM purchase. 



-Price: Paid 2.800 Yen, about $30, which is quite nice. This is the simple version without the iphone controls.



-Looks: Plain, black. I have the impression that they look boring when I get them out of the pocket. Maybe I should have bought the green set. (They also come in red and white). But I like the shape much better than the Sony EX models, which look huge and geeky. This ones are much more modest looking, and that's a good thing IMO.



-Accessories: A simple set of black tips in different sizes. 1 shirt clip. 



-Noise isolation: Good, great for commuting, I still can hear what is happening around, but the tips cut a lot the noise and I can imagine myself using them without music, just to reduce the impact of these annoying and loud announcements through the train speakers.  



-Ergonomics: They fit great, no more to say.



-Sound: I tried a lot of sets, so many. I found that a lot of sets had toooo much bass for me. I don't think real music has that much bass content on a normal mix, I have no idea why they push the bass that much. Most of the new Sony sets where like that. 


I liked the Philips sets, even the affordable ones sounded quite good. I may consider a S1 or S2 in the future. 


I thought most of the Denon sounded thin, it was a surprise. 


I couldn't care to try the Audio-technica because they had like a million sets and they all looked the same.



So the C10. I'm going to say that they sound good. Not too much bass, vocal sounds good, guitars sound good. They give and overall nice sonic impression, I don't get tired of them after a couple of hours of use. They may not have the instrument and stage separation of other sets, but at the price I paid I didn't expected so. I would recommend these.




BUT: The listening experience was perfect sitting on the train seat. But when I started to walk with these on I was surprised to listen to the wire moving. It's my first IEM and I don't know if this is normal, but it can be annoying for sure. Using the shirt clip helped to stop the noise, but I still could hear the vibration of my steps hitting the pavement!. 


Would a couple of foam/other tips help with this problem?

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It's called microphonics. It sucks. Tips won't affect it. All I can say is to try and secure the wire in place as much as possible.

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Thanks for the answer. I can imagine most of IEM would suffer from it somehow, right? I'm glad I didn't spend a hundred bucks on these.

I guess I will take regular headphones for walking around..
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