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Thoughts on Klipsch Status headphones?

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I love my Klipsch Image Ones, but I'm looking for an upgrade. I realized Klipsch has a new over-ear option, the Status. They look nice IMO, but does anyone know how they sound?
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I like them.. they are over the ear and a little harder to get a good seal.. but my image one's right channel stopped working and the sent me a pair of status for free.. I like them.. the sound a little alike the image ones but i like them better I think a little less bass but not my much.. You can listen to them at FRY's electronics they have a demo pair! They also have a removable cable.. From what I can remember from my image ones the treble on the status is better..

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Ive been using the Klipsch X10i's for the past year but due to medical reasons, I had to switch to an over-ear headphone and I wasnt looking forward to it. I called Klipsch and explained the situation to the them and without a hassle, they shipped me a pair of their new Status headphones. Thanks Klipsch!


I like to consider myself somewhat of an audiophile (but im no expert) only because I have a severe hearing loss. As a result, I was always looking for headphones that give me the most detailed sound with warmth and the ability to amp those soft vocals and instruments that I normally wouldnt be able to hear. After using the Statuss for a week in a variety of environments (home, on the plane, in the gym and a few other), heres my review.


I can honestly say these...sound.......better! How is it possible for these to sound better than my x10i's?? Klipsch, can you explain that to me?? lol Maybe, Im a little biased because Ive been a Klipsch customer for nearly 10 years now but, the sound they deliver just outstanding. The Status give you the impression that your listening to a $6000 audio system. Its a very tropical, lush and rich sound. I can see how some listeners get a good sense of separation and I do as well, however the Status (along with most Klipsch speakers) give me the sense that Im in the studio with artist and the band while the track is being recorded. Picture hardwood floors, padded walls with 8-10 speakers embedded in them, the artist has just lay down vocals and now the engineer is going to play it back in the booth for them to critique. If you can imagine how that might sound, thats what the Status pumps out. Every little detail.. treble, mids, and bass you didnt know were there, or instruments and sounds effects the artist might be singing over, its coming forward with power!


I listen to mainly R&B, Rap and Jazz and for the past week I mostly tested them with Mariah Carey-Cannon's new album Me I Am Mariah (excellent album by the way) . On "Faded", you cant help but nod your head to the tight, banging beat the Status serve up. Her vocals are so clear and close, you can picture her face as she's singing. Your in the studio with Mariah! I agree the bass is not as "boomy" as it was with the x10i's but its more accurate which makes it better overall. This is a not a trunk rattling, nightclub, dr. dre beats bass. Instead, the Status plays all bass like its an instrument, deep and powerful. Did i mention theres no distortion...at any volume level? And on "Camouflage", the Statuss' dissect her intricate background vocal layers effortlessly while adding some dramatic flair to the piano. PRISTINE! THICK! and FULL! As with all Klipsch products, to get the full scope of their abilities, lossless music is the recommended most. And although they sound great without an EQ, the better your EQ, the better your music sparkles.


In terms of comfort, I found them to be extremely comfy for long periods of time in comparison to the B&W P7. The grasp is snugly firm but gentle. I wore these to the gym once and I wont do it again. They're too hot and heavy for workouts but im sure this can be said for most over-ear headphones. However, they did a great job of blocking out the plane noise on the last flight i took. They're well made and durable and give a classy piano-black shine in the light. Im also a huge fan of the "shoelace" cord that can be detached from the headset itself. Not sure if Klipsch was the first to come up with this idea but smart thinking!!


In conclusion, Klipsch outdid themselves. I like these better than the x10i's and I never thought that would be possible. Did I mention there is absolutely no distortions what so ever?? Just double checking. So while the Status solved one problem for me, it created another. Now I have to find a pair of in-ear phones for the gym that dont go deep in the ear canal that sound almost as good as these do.

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Listening to Klipsch Status now. It's really enjoyable listening to the music coming from this amazing headphone. Sound is more balanced comparing with the Image One that I once owned. The only thing that bothers me wearing this headphone is the size - it's too big and heavy on the head and it's definitely not a good idea to wear it outdoors, you will look weird!

I accidentally dropped my Status on hard floor a while ago! Fortunately there is nothing wrong with it and the sound is not affected after tested with a few test music for headphones. Hope it stays that way.
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This Headphone was a bargain at $99.  Just a bit of fun for a very good price!

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