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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400 - Page 22

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Liked and followed!
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wow count me in of course.  the 292 are still the IEM I'm using every damn days!

great products, good to see free gifts from HifiMAN!


following you on facebook and twitter of course!

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I'm in! I've always wanted to try a hifiman product...

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Liked, Followed, Done...


Crossing fingers to have my first Hifiman product. Auditioned the RE-400, HE-400 and RE-Zer0 back then and love 'em!

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liked! followed! replied!
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Eager to recieve the results.

best of luck to everyone!

~Fernann Mendoza
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Count me in, cheers Hifiman!

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HI, I'm in! My twitter is RoastBeeph and my Facebook is Danny Baxter.



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hopes will keep me my re262..

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I'm in!

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Liked n,followed :-)
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Consider me LIKING, FOLLOWING, and now thanks to the miracle of the internet, REPLYING!

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Never tried one can i have one pleaseeeee:darthsmile:

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Have followed you on FB and twitter @bluepepperaudio for a while, and today got my 901 today so NEED some new IEMs....please
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Hifiman ftw.
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