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free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400

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Hi guys,


we gonna send free gifts to the people who are interested in our products, and the rule is very simple. us on the Facebook (Hifiman electronics)


2.follow us on Twitter(hifimanofficial)


3.reply this thread


we will randomly select 4 people on April 15,  and the gifts are:


1 RE600($399)

1 RE700+RE400($249)

2 RE400($99)


Good luck:)

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Interesting..count me in!


I'm @Grumpy_old_soul on twitter. :beerchug:

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liked! followed! replied!

great gifts!

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well, why not? done!  :tongue_smile:

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To receive, or not to receive...that is a good question!



...I replied, :)


also, my twitter which followed your official page is



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Liked, followed, replied!

but why no HE-560 as a gift? Haha biggrin.gif kidding.
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Done, good luck for all :biggrin:

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Done all of the above - thanks!

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I'm in!
Liked and followed!
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Like, followed and replied.
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Liked, followed and replied here!
Even though I already liked you guys on facebook ^^

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Thanks for doing this giveaway!
All is done!

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Although I owe the He400 I am still interested other hifiman products.
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Thanks HiFiMan!

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Consider me signed up for the giveaway, but how exactly is the Twitter follow and Facebook like being verified? Will we have to PM the TeamHiFiMAN account with our account details, or will this be based on trust?


EDIT: Also the title of the thread mentions the HM700, but the thread itself discusses the RE700. Which is it?

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