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DIY Planar headphone by using tweeter

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oneday, I found planar headphone and planar tweeter have same operation method.

It gave me inspiration and convince me that can use to headphone.

So, I am searching some planar tweeter in taobao.

It's price is only 20~ 35$ for each unit, I think this price is very cheap.





unit : hivi rt1.3

measurement system : panasonic wm61a (I using BMF's circuit)

housing : rosewood and finished by shellac

hairband : hifiman fake


housing drawing



housing assembly 1



housing assembly 2



housing assembly 3







frequency response


my soundcard is ALC892 so I couldn't mesure it exactly under 150Hz and over 17khz.

I can find little difference comapre left with right because diaghram was stabbed when I assembled it.



total is about 170$ because I almost used 70$ to housing

if you use plastic housing, you can make it about 100~120$


I'm not good at English so if you find out some error in writing, please point out it

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Excellent work!


I'm guessing this is the planar tweeter that you used: http://www.parts-express.com/hivi-rt13-planar-isodynamic-tweeter--297-412


Do you think a similar HiVi tweeter (that isn't out of production) would work in your design as well? Perhaps one of these:http://www.parts-express.com/Search.aspx?keyword=hivi%20ribbon&sitesearch=true

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yes that is what I use.


other hivi tweeter's diaphragm was too small.


planar tweeter have nice straightness.


So if you use other hivi's tweeter your headphone's frequency response is dramatically chaged by position of tweeter


I recommended this product



it is almost same unit compare with rt1.3.


fianally if you want to use it to headphone you need some modification


I will post it as soon as possible

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Very interesting, wished I could hear those DIY headphones. Always interesting what people can make themselves. 

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Didn't realize it was on Madisound. Thanks for the heads up! I might start playing around with something like this in the near future. :beerchug:

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Vary nice, do you have other orthodynamic (aka planer magnetic) headphones to compare the sound with? This reminds me of the spi tweeter ortho mods from a couple years ago.

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thank you for your compliment.

unfortunately, I don't have any other headphone. This is my first headphone.

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Where did you get this headband?

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