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Which headphone is best for me?

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Hello and to start off I will say that I'm not the most wealthy person, well not even close. So I need just one headphone to fit three needs that I have and im sorry if I sound really picky its just I don't want to screw up again. Because the headphones I have now are some fake Ferrari Beats. Anyway lets get onto my three needs


1. It must be good for music ranging from rock to dubstep

2. Also I would like it to be good for Gaming as well because I just got a PS4!

3. Lastly but certainly not least it needs to be good for guitar playing so that I can pick up on each little mistake I make. Anything from slightly touching another string to releasing my finger off the string sloppily. This is really important for me.


I assume this is going to be really hard to get all three things. Just keep in mind that the choices can be lenient as I actaully thought that my fake beats sounded amazing (My first headphones) but from the way people talk other headphones are leaps and bounds ahead of it.



Thanks in advance!


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What's your budget?


What will be powering/feeding into these cans (other than the PS4)?

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my budget would be anywhere from $100 - $200

As far as power I have a X rocker chair that I plug the headphones in, yea I know not the best thing ever but it was the best I could do.


I also have a guitar Amp. but I dont use that for gaming

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Can't help you much because I know nothing about what meets 2 of your requirements.  However, you may benefit, at least to a degree, by checking out this Buying Guide:



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K240s in 55 ohms would be my suggestion.  its a great guitar monitor, I use mine all the time straight out of a Line6 POD for quiet practice.  I have seen video clips of Eric Johnson using it (not sure exactly which impedance model) on stage... and we all know how OCD he is with his guitar tones.  Very good imaging and soundstage, for its price I think its an over-achiever in this regard.  Good detail resolution too.  Depending on the capabilities of your PC soundcard though, it could benefit from an amp/DAC... which should be do-able in your price range.


I also use my K701 in the same way.  Sounds fine out of the POD.  I have seen the K/Q models go second hand for under $150.  You should be able to swing a K/Q701 used with a cmoy or small portable USB amp/DAC for that price.


Oh one more thing... as a right handed player, I find my "Y" cord Grados and senns almost unusable for guitar monitoring.  So the Left sided cords of the 701 and 240s are good for this.  The Y cable yoke is right at my chest where the upper horn of my guitar presses against me.  My fave guitar is the Kramer in my avatar is really light poplar or basswood it has a ton of acoustic resonance and vibration that I like to press up against my chest when I play... kind of a psychological thing.  So a "Y" cord gets in the way completely in that regard.  I practice with the guitar resting on my left thigh like how acoustic/classical players do it.

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Thanks for the suggestion Kramer how are they for gaming?

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I'm a total audio newb but if you want to save some bucks, I'd say go with low impedance headphone (-50-60 Ohm) so you don't have to spend much on a powerful amp. I had the HD 555 (50 Ohm) and I just got a pair of DT990 (600 Ohm). Let me tell you, you'll have to get a powerful amp to get any sound out of the DTs if you want quality sound, which might get you over your budget.


Check the ModMic at http://www.modmic.com/, made by AntLion. The sound quality is very impressive for the price. It should be around 50$ including shipping costs and taxes, depending where you live.


The sound quality on my Sennheisers was very impressive for the price. They were made of very cheap plastic though, idk if they fixed their durability issue with their new series. The Beyers are made of much higher quality materials that's for sure. They seem very very solid.

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HD598 could be a good choice.
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