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Dear head-fi community,


I have just received my LCD-3 (a friend brought it back to me from the U.S.), and, I have been doing some research to find a good headphone amplifier companion that meets my criteria. What I mean by "my criteria", apart from great sound and is able to properly drive the LCD-3, it has to be compact/lighter for me to ship it around when time comes (I am currently working in overseas on a contract basis).  


Thus, the Pathos Aurium is currently my first choice, apart from getting good reviews from innerfidelity and whathifi, it only weights 3 kg, and it is fairly compact.


Initially, I was not planning to buy any amp, because I already have a USB DAC/Amp which is able to decently drive the LCD3. However recently, I have moved it (with a pair of speakers) into my office set up. Now what I am left for my home use to drive the LCD 3, is only the Sony PHA-2 Portable DAC/Amp.


Sorry for the long intro, but here is where I need your advice/opinion:


Thus, due to future logistic issues, I am not planning to buy a dedicated desktop DAC for the Phatos Aurium. My planned home set up would be as follow:


Source                                              > Portable DAC > 3.5mm to RCA cable connection  > Hybrid Amp        > Headphones 


Mostly 24 bit FLAC music files

played either from laptop              > Sony PHA-2 > 3.5mm to RCA cable connection > Pathos Aurium > LCD-3 & others

or DAP (AK100 or Sony NW ZX1)


1. What issue can you foresee?

2. Do you think the final result/performance will be significantly hampered by the quite obvious bottleneck (PHA-2 >3.5mm to RCA cable connection)?

3. Any other suggestion?


Thank you in advance for your help



Simon T.

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