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So now that I purchased a new-to-me old Adcom GDA-700 with AES/EBU inputs, it's gotten me wondering.  I'm currently driving it over toslink spdif from a new Little Dot CDP_II (one of the few produced).  It's good.  But I can't help ponder would it be 'gooder', in a sonically significant way, if driven from a transport with AES/EBU output? 


If you happen to have a Transport and DAC that has standard SPDIF and AES/EBU, and did significant A/B comparisons at one point with the same hardware driven over the two different interconnect types, did you find a significant enough difference between the two?  Significant enough to now warrant me spending at least $350 or [much?] more to get a transport with AES/EBU output and cast my little Little Dot CDP_II aside?