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what portable headphones under 400USD

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Hi Folks,
this is my first post there, and I want to say HELLO to EVERYONE!:)


I've tried to find some information but didn't find information which would have been accurate for me.


Currently, I'm using Grados 60/80 and sound is OK for me. Now I've been looking for a portable headphones with a good sound, all AKG  430,450, and so on, are not for me, all such on-ears have too much bass with very lack of highs. After the time I always have headache :)  

Generally I listen to the electronic music (vocal\trance etc.) and headphones will be used with not high-end sources (next step is to buy good player) and will be used at work and outside (buses, etc....)


so does anyone suggest me some good and small (portable) headphones with sound similar or better than Grado has?

I can spend about 400USD - and headphones have to be available in Europe ;)


(sorry for my bad ENG)

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If you want to avoid too much bass, I would go for the Sony MDR-1R.

Most of the other portable/fashion closed headphones all have a slight to significant bass emphasis. 

The Sony is mid-centric and will be a fair complement to a Grado. 


The next step up is the Bang & Olufsen H6, but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to find it for less than 350 euros, so that's probably out of the question.

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Thx Greq!,


I've checked you proposal and will try Sony if available at my local store, I consider also these:


- beyerdynamics dt1350

- KEF M500

- Beyerdynamic T 51 p

- ...

I'm looking for as small as it possible and with best sound clarity/quality.


moreover, I've just started thinking about 'in ear phones' if sound quality is the same like on-ears

but there, I don't have any favorites...



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you're reading in my mind :D


I'm going to listen/check and probably buy Focal Spirit One [these are available here] or Spirit Professional [have to order via WWW]

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How about the spirit classics? Those seem like an obvious choice to look at if youre looking for focal.


MDR 1R, DT 1350, and KEF M500 are all good choices IMO. Id also consider NAD Viso HP50 though :wink:

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classics are on the top of my budged limit, (my wife wont be happy :)


and I rather trying to reduce number of potential cans than expanding the list ;)

damn....NAD Viso HP50 are also nice-looking and have good reviews... 

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If portability is your biggest factor I would definitely be looking for IEM they offer very good isolation and can arguably sound as good as any midtier onear headphone.

Also you could get a very good IEM for much less than 400usd.

The downside can be comfort because some people can't get comfortable with somethings stuck in their ear canals be it's OK with the majority so you should check this route.


If you like grado sound you should also take a look at the sennheiser hd25 aluminum/amperior, they have a forward sound but with more subbass and very good isolation.

Lately they had very good deals  at newegg and amazon (they were under 150$) though I don't know what's going on in EU...

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Sennheiser Momentums or B&W P7s are both options. 

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Id agree that iems could be a good choice and option to look into. Are you open to using iems?


The P7 are good choice if you like EDM as theyre quite bassy and VERY fun to listen to but i do find the bass just a tad uncontrolled.

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Thanks you all!

yes, portability is a very important for me (i don't want to look like an alien).  unfortunately P7s are too expensive at the moment.


IEMs are also acceptable, but in past i had one Koss model (don't remember which one) and i wasn't pleased, always after a hour or two i had headache due to high pressure of low frequencies.


actually, this is the list of Headphones which will be selected (this is not a closed list):

- Focal Spirit (one one Professional)

- Nad Visio HP50

- Syntheiser HD25


if you know about good IEM pls let me know, I know nothing about them ;)

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Heir audio 3.Ai or Noble 3 could be some iems to look into.

Sony xba 3 and 4 are also good iems with a nice bass but at a lower price range.

Auisonics asg2 is currently one of my favorite iems with adjustable bass. You can try finding one used on the forums. If not then theyll probably be beyond ur budget. But really worth lookin into!

Just a couple suggestions.

Edit: oh gosh and ofc Vsonic GR07 BE
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