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What do you recommend?

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Hi, names Roland, long time reader, first time posting.Im looking for something thats a cross between my M50s and my grado sr80i. I like the low end of the 50s. They make a kick drum sound like a kick drum not like a shoe box. I like the articulation of the grados esp things like a picked acoustic guitar. Im not "into" headphones enough to drop 1000 bucks for a pair. I dont want to spend more that 300 cause if they dont get broken from being on the road they'll get stolen. A studio friend recommended Beyers 770. Any thoughts? Thanx
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DT770 is a solid choice, though they sound similar to the M50.  However, the KEF M500, AKG K545, ES FC300, and Martin Logan Mikros 90 do a little bit better.   Don't even thin about buying the DT770 if you're not going to invest in an amp (a cheap one, like the Fiio E11 would be perfect).  The SR80i is a great headphone, but it's open.  If you're looking into open cans, consider:



DT880 250 ohm with Fiio E11

ATH AD900x

Fidelio X1


The X1 in the end is my top recommendation.


Make sure you buy L-cush pads for the SR80i.

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To me, the DT770s sound better than the M50s. Better soundstage and better clarity, with more comfort.

First you should probably decide if you want go with open headphones or closed.

Also, how do you listen to them "on the road?" Do you have a portable headphone amp? What's the source?
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I mostly listen with a phillips flac player into my fiio e11. Im not a bass head but I like the first bass boost setting on the fiio for most music with the m50s but dont like it on the grados.Occasionally I listen to my phone but those are all mp3s and sound like !#&? even at 320. Im thinking I need closed back because of alot of ambient noise around me.
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Since you have the E11, DT770 Pro 250 are one option. V-Moda M100 are a better set, though, for bass. Lots of good bass smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks I'll start looking around for all of those.
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