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Originally Posted by intrigid View Post

Wow. Not enough is being said about the isolation in these things.


Heh, no offense but it's not anything special for IEMs to not leak sound. I'd guess you're not used to them, or you had a really noisy pair before ;)

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Yep, like I said, I'm the knid of person who expects to use the same headphones for 15 years, so I represent the layman around here.

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Originally Posted by intrigid View Post

As requested, here are the EQ profiles for both the DN2K and the EX70:




DN2K balance



EX70 balance


I'm reading it correctly ? I see you are giving more db to 8k?? I reduced there cause I hear too much "tsh tsh"

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Originally Posted by LibiSC View Post


I'm reading it correctly ? I see you are giving more db to 8k?? I reduced there cause I hear too much "tsh tsh"


If I jack it up then I hear what you mean, but if I cut the 8k then it makes vocals sound more distant. But I'd also point out that the 8k isn't really being boosted; it just looks that way because of the 4k and 16k.

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Originally Posted by intrigid View Post

As requested, here are the EQ profiles for both the DN2K and the EX70:


DN2K balance

that's similar to what i do on the clip+ for it to make it sound a bit more exciting.
although I don't touch tone controls and leave it at eq only (although maybe the player there is different and those are the default setting ones)
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For the tone controls, both bass and treble are set about halfway. It just never seems right without it that way.

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Slightly off topic but bloody hell I just got my Vorguze pure amp ii ! Do not know why but paired with a family members iphone 5 out of the headphone out, sounds gob smackingly good !! So much detail massive sound stage and great bass texture. I know this seems like an ontararge of excitement, but I can assure you I've played with the 2000s a fair amount paired different sources and nothing has sounded this good partnered together smily_headphones1.gif. Overjoyed I've uploaded a quick photo of the combo enjoy.
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It's been a few years since I kept up with head-fi or audiophile news. Too much work and too much of my free time spent frequenting the site so I had to stop :/, but the last few days I've been feeling the urge to try new audio gear again, and after reading about BA iem's I decided to try the dn-2000. It should arrive in two or three days.


I won't be doing any serious comparisons or tests because I don't have any iem's that might compare to the dn-2000, but will give my initial impressions on these iem's, and a week or two later after burn-in do some comparisons between the dn-2000 and my other headphones around the same price, sa5000, pfr-v1, and pro900, on my galaxy s3, audio-gd sparrow+ac 215 conditioner, and ref 7+phoenix+furman IT reference 20 conditioner with single-ended output (don't feel like balancing an iem lol). I used to have tf10's but gave them to my sister a few months back, so I'd only be able to compare that iem by memory.

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I received my dn2000 today and I am very pleased with packaging and accessories. I am using the already-attached silicon tips and rings, fit is good, playing through audio-gd sparrow with wm8741.


One thing I noticed about trying new gear, or gear I have but don't use them for a long time, is that their unique characteristics can be very apparent before our ears acclimate to them, so I am going to write down my initial impressions after several hours of testing, even though naturally more burn-in time, longer listening, and better thought out observations may make me reconsider some of my initial observations and to make new observations.


DN2000 might be very revealing. I was watching Star Trek: Voyager, Blink of an Eye, and the village leader was talking with an old man, and I could clearly hear the congested sound-booth sound in that scene which I never noticed before on my other headphones. I then tried some songs with different soundstages and it seemed like I could tell them very easily, and with Dido, No Angel album, Take my hand song, the ambiance and soundstage felt almost as big as with my sa5000 headphones, very impressive. Some songs sound intimate, other songs sound remote, I haven't figured out exactly why, but I have been getting a hunch that it is just this IEM being very revealing of recording quality.


Bass has a bit more oomph than neutral, mids neutral, and highs are rolled off on cymbals and sibilance, but overall, I'd still have to say its quite neutral, and definitely more neutral than my other headphones. Bass feels tight, controlled, pleasant, not overpowering and not omnipresent. Mids have beautiful and effortless articulation, but maybe not particularly good texture, not sure though, might just be revealing my sparrow's texture (which I know isn't particularly good) and I would rather test on better gear before deciding on texture. Highs are alright, detailed, pleasing, and a bit rolled off, but personally I like sibilance, cymbals, and other high frequency sounds.


Other than its ability to show different soundstage sizes, the dn2000 didn't really blow my mind in any other one way, but it does seem to have a pleasant sound (even for a neutrality fan), effortlessness, and a number of other good qualities that, when added together, make me quite satisfied with them. I think they are maybe a few steps up from the tf10.


Will test for a few more weeks and using my other gear before giving more impressions.

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Great impression my friend 😃
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I've been trying out the silver spacer ring and the white eartip. With silver spacer and small clear eartip the iem feels less bassy, less piercing, less intimate, more airy, a bit less detailed overall, but at the same time it is now very neutral and unfatiguing. Like others have said, spacers can make a big difference, and I hope people do try them out. I am now very happy with the sound.with silver spacers atm.

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60hrs of burn in atm and no spacers and dunu dn1000 spiral tips the sound is so neutral and as well natural with a very big soundstage 😍
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I have been using comply foam tips ... the comfort and isolation which to me is the most important is unsurpassed compared to the stock silicon tips

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Originally Posted by Shawn71 View Post

Theres nothing to translate from the pics by any of our korean mates......only challenge is getting driver info but again it is a triple hybrids for that matter?. Other than that the 3.5mm jack to be revealed,whether its straight or angled. I was expecting a removable cable design but it isnt from the pics.

Of course your Korean mates can hardly translate anything, since these are CHINESE characters in the pictures...

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Originally Posted by SyCo87 View Post

Can someone translate the texts on the promo pics?

I can do this, though nothing of significant importance in those texts...


Picture 1.

Precisely engineered, while extremely charming in its design. [Top triple-unit balanced-armature & dynamic driver headphone. DN-2000 Never compromise in its sound.] (Text between [...] repeats in the following pictures.)


Picture 2.

For the immersive sound only. [...]


Picture 3 is the same as Picture 2.


Picture 4.

It's also comfortable to wear there units in a reverse way (cable goes around the back of each ear).


Picture 5.

Unique clips, making the units more close to the ears when wearing them.


Picture 6.

Metal tuning rings, making the units deeper into ears when wearing.


Picture 7 is the same as Picture 2.


Picture 8.

More characteristic rubber sleeves, making it easier to tune the sounding the units.


Picture 9.

Customized case, providing a luxurious and fashionable feel. A crystallization of both high-end and luxury.


Picture 10, 11, and 12 do not contain any text.

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