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Computer speakers 2.1 setup around 100$

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Exactly what the title says. They will be hooked up to my labtop when im in my dorm room, as well as be used with my desktop when im at home. Because of the dorm setup a small footprint is preferable. I can always find a spot for a mid sized sub, but desk space for the satellites will be limited, so smaller the better. I listen to rock and dupstep mainly. Bass is pretty important to me but i enjoy a well balanced system. I have all aftermarket speakers, subs, and amps in my car and just want something nice to listen to when im not driving around that wont break the bank. I value clarity over sheer volume. 


So far the only real contenders i have found are these 



crazy amount of bass and total volume, not sold on the rest of the actual sound quality



these are way more expensive and i would probably have to buy a slightly used set off ebay or wait for a cheaper deal. The sub box is a bit larger than the logitech, and the actual driver is smaller. However im guessing overall sound quality will be better?


Any other suggestions would be great. Would like to keep the sub under a cubic foot in size. 

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The Klipschs are $140 from BestBuy.com


If you are going used on ebay, you could look for the Logitech Z-Cinema, Klipsch iFi, or Altec Lansing 621/641. All better than the products you listed.


Right now there's two pairs of Altec Lansing 621s on ebay and three sets of Klipsch iFis (2 with best offers available) as well.

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If you can find them, I'd check out the Swan M10's. I LOVE them. Klipsch makes low build stuff for PCs. Personally, I'd avoid them.

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seegs- The swans really look great but everybody is saying that they lack bass and they only go down to about 50hz or so. Also the volume controls are on the main sub which would never fit on my desk. I was planning on putting the sub behind my desk out of the way. Id like to keep them in mind but i couldnt find anyplace to buy them from either. 


astrallite-A lot of those speakers look great. besides the logitech which i would never have room for so many speakers. Ill keep checking ebay for a deal but they have mostly been selling for bit out of my price range. Most of those that you listed are around 200 new. The Altec Lansing 621s seem right for me though. 


keep the recommendations coming!

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I have the Logitech you referred to and I like it. It's not audiophile quality gear but it will bring the bass.

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I think others said it better than me. It's hard to find something with great bass for ~$100. A buddy of mine has two Logitech desktop systems. Both sounded like garbage to me, but did have more bass. Check out the Logitech but for overall sound quality the Swans are great and I'm saying that even compared to speakers I have that cost thousands of dollars each.

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Why not some stereo speakers, with a Lepai tripath amp?



You can also add a sub. 

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I think im gonna keep looking around for the swans. Any suggestions where to look? ebay turned up none which was surprising, as did amazon. I dont need a TON of bass. My roomate as of now has a 2.1 system with a very small 4" sub running off only 18 watts and that sounds ok ish to me. The swans have a 5" and a little more wattage. Im not exactly an audiophile but im starting to become one im afraid haha. If i cant find the swans i may end up with the logitech or the altec off ebay used. More threads that i look at are saying to stay away from the klipsch.....hoping i could eq the logitech to something i could deal with if i end up with them. 


this is what im working with now btw hooked up to my computer. Unbearable audio quality compared to my headphones(audiotechnica m50's)

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jackwess unfortunatly I dont have enough room for speakers of that size. I wish I did. If these were staying at my house i would be fine but trying to fit speakers that size into a dorm room with a tiny desk thats always full of books and school papers wont be too fun. 

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I own the z623, here's what i have to say about it:


-perfect for movies and games

-dubstep sounds great, but other genres are lacking in mids

-sub is bulky and generates air noise at high volumes

-satellites are large as well


In all, I would say the z623 is a great system, but under your circumstances you might want to look for a smaller system with a warmer signature.

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I have a couple of logitech sets the z2300 and z4 they both sound completly horrid edifier make much better 2.1 systems this 1 is in ur budget 



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Those Edifier's look pretty good to me. Kinda like the swans but i can actoualy buy them. I have never heard of them before but people seem to like them. So just to clarify nobody likes the klipsche? Just making sure because they were origonally my first pick

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So i went to my local bestbuy today. They had the klipsch pro medias on display as well as a whole bunch of different logitech speakers(including the z623) and some insignias. The insignias were absolute garbage. No way i could justify purchasing them. The logitechs were all a bit better than the insignias but were very boring sounding in the higher range and were terribly distorted. The klipsch set sounded pretty good to me. It didnt blow me away or anything but they were definitely better than all the others by a fair margine (besides a set of 300$ bose which were completely absolutly amazing). So the logitechs are definitely out for me. Anybody actually heard the klipsch vs any of the other speakers mentioned in this post? Im leaning towards one of the edifier sets still but have no way of hearing these, or many other speakers mentioned. The swans seem to have the best reviews but no place i can purchase haha

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If you're interested in Swans you should start by visiting their website. They have a "Purchase" page with all their dealers neatly listed.

theaudioinsider.com seem like a good bet.


Another alternative to the Swans, more readily available, would be M-Audio AV40.

They sell for little over 100$ and I don't think you can find more sound quality for the money.

You do get more extension in the bass from subwoofer systems, perhaps more bling too, but sound-wise they take a serious hit in quality.

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I'm new here to head-fi but I've been reading a lot to start off. I'm an aspiring audiophile (if that's even a thing) and looking to get a deeper appreciation for music. I have very very little in terms of audio... I'm limited by high school and a minimum wage job... I should be getting my computer soon and I'm looking for a good deal on decent quality speakers and I'm very seriously considering the swan m10s after having read the reviews. I just don't know what amp to get to hook them up to... Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance smily_headphones1.gif
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