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Inexperienced with quality headphones: V-Moda M-100 worth the investment?

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Hey, guys. I've been doing some research on a new pair of headphones to buy, and I've come across the V-Moda M-100's. Currently, I'm using a Steelseries Siberia V2 headset for gaming/generic music listening, so I feel like upgrading to an M-100 would be a HUGE improvement.

Also, the BoomPro mic was another huge selling point, as I didn't find many high quality headphones that offer an upgradable mic feature. I find the build to be very aesthetically pleasing (looks very sleek and slim, and I wouldn't mind wearing it in public)--another huge selling point in my books.

Now, is this all worth $300? ($330 actually, including the mic) With someone as inexperienced as I am in audiophile, will the sound difference be extremely significant (remember, I've only been using Apple's earphones and a Steelseries headset).

If you can recommend any alternatives with similar features, that'd be great. Maybe I don't NEED the M-100? There's also the LP2 for $200, or even the LP for around $130. Would those be better picks given my preferences (gaming, radio listening on both PC and iPhone)?


Here's a breakdown of my preferences (also posted on Reddit's r/headphones):

Budget - I'm already pushing my budget at $330. That's the definite max I will go.

Source - About 80% they'll be plugged into my PC, and the remaining 20% into my iPhone.

Requirements for Isolation - It's not a huge factor since I currently don't listen to music while outside. Maybe that'll change once I get a decent pair of headphones though.

Preferred Type of Headphone - Over-ear would be ideal.

Preferred tonal balance - I honestly have no idea. I've only had a Steelseries gaming headset and the generic Apple headphones so I'm not quite sure what my preferences are. If I had to say something, maybe not TOO much bass? Like to the point where my headphones are vibrating nonstop or something (if that's even ever a problem).

Past headphones - Mentioned above.

Preferred Music - Pretty much anything. Popular songs on the radio, classical, EDM (HUGE fan) and electronica. I also play video games often, so something that'll work well with video game audio would be nice.

MUST HAVES A MIC! As mentioned above, the m100's have a really nice mic peripheral that also looks nice. And speaking of looks, hopefully the headphone looks...nice. I really don't want something super bulky/ugly.

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Mic is for home use right?? Just buy a seperate one then. Samson go mic is better than anything found on a headset and is $40. Now good looking headphones you want to wear outside...M50 I guess. Or the Vmoda you mentioned above.
To be honest, most good looking headphones do not sound great next to similarly priced counterparts. Vmoda is ok, but sonically I doubt the sound is great, especially with their shape. My 2 cents in this crazy world.
Tldr:M50 with samson go mic
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V-MODA M-100 is actually a remarkably good-sounding headphone despite the V-shaped frequency response. It's deep but also much more detailed than what you typically find in other bass-heavy headphones. I found that a layer or two of paper medical tape over the bass ports brings down the bass response which I prefer for gaming and guitar-oriented rock music (there's a photo in my gallery of the finished mod). YMMV. They're definitely worth giving an audition.

The BoomPro mic isn't exclusively for the V-MODA headphones. It works with a variety of headphones with 1/8" stereo phone jacks for cables. There's a compatibility list over in Mad Lust Envy's review in the gaming forum. That said, it's a very good mic.
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I've heard the Steel Series Siberia (either V2 or V3, I don't remember) and they offer very little bass in comparison to the M-100. They also offer less dynamic range. The pluses they have over the M-100 are the wider soundstage, since they are open-backed headphones, their weight, their comfort, and airflow. The M-100 can get a little hot. Coming from the Steel Series and iBuds, the amount of bass on the M-100 might be jarring for you at first, but if your preferred musical preference is EDM then you'll be in heaven. The M-100 excels at EDM.


As for the BoomPro, I use it when doing headphone reviews so you can listen to it in action. The reviews are in my signature below.

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