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RIP Harold Ramis

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He was a brilliant writer and filmmaker. I enjoyed many of his works. RIP

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Damn, loved this guy. It's a small role, but I think my favorite Ramis moment ever is his bit part in Knocked Up--it really encapsulated for me everything that I love about his work--all the warmth, intelligence/wisdom, and humor of it in a bare few minutes. And Groundhog Day is without doubt one of the best comedy films ever, made brilliant not only by Murray's performance but Ramis's work on the script and behind the camera. He was a real artist. 

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ghostbusters is one of my favourite movies.

harold ramis was a really fun figure.

i´m sad today....

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Meatballs (Writer), Caddyshack (Writer/Director), Stripes (Writer/Actor), Ghostbusters (Writer/Actor), Groundhog Day (Director) - Ramis & Murray made magic together!
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Harold will be sadly missed, got a lot of laughs and really enjoyed watching Caddyshack. Ghostbusters will always be my favorite Harold Ramis movie. RIP Harold



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I wouldn't mind hearing K.545 every day--but not the snow.

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I didn't even know he was dead until a few hours ago. RIP Ghostbuster #3.

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