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bose triport mods

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Has any one tried to modify bose triports in any way to make them sound better just because i like to tinker with stuff and they sound like crap. bought them years ago when i apparently had no clue and bad judgement. Just finished modifying a pair of sennheiser hd 202 got for free with a purchase from guitar center. replaced cord and drilled holes in back to make it open and wow they sound great now, better than bose.Thinking about purchasing a pair of sennheiser hd 598 shortly so thought about modifying bose just for something to do.

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I modified a Bose Triport once.


First I did a full tear-down.

Then I used a rotary tool to sand down the driver housings to a more manageable size.

Then I put the drivers in a set of Sony MDR-V150's

I added a tiny bit of cotton-wool behind the drivers to tame the bass a touch.

Then I threw away the unused pieces.


Sounds and looks way better.


My 4 year old daughter loves them.

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