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2 1/2 years ago I bought my first HDTV, a 26" 720p Sharp HDTV. I got it for a bargain price of £130 (around $200) and I've been enjoying it ever since without even the slightest thought of upgrading.


2 1/2 months ago (ok I exaggerate for effect it's actually 3 1/2 months ago :D) I bought my first "audiophile" headphone, the Fidelio X1. Since then I've been getting the itch to upgrade, first with the Audioquest Dragonfly, then with the HD600 with the FiiO E7/E9 combo and now maybe even something even better.


Is the reason that some Headfiers obsessively upgrade their gear in very short amounts of time because:


1) Audiophile headphones are a niche market and therefore there isn't the brutal competition or large market size of for example the HDTV industry. Therefore the performance price ratio is not that great since the "evolution" of the industry is rather slow. This means that to get truly satisfied you need to invest megabucks on TOTL systems.


2) The website Headfi affects some people in some kind of hypnotic, psychological manner that people start to believe they need to upgrade. I.e. some kind of group think orgy. So joining a similar community of HDTV enthusiasts would probably result in a compulsive desire to upgrade your HDTV.


3) Some other reason.


You know I was thinking about what else I could buy for the same amount of money as the HD600 and the E7/E9 combo. For example I could have bought myself a PS4 or gone on holiday or buy a huge HDTV! :bigsmile_face:


I just felt like getting these thoughts out of my system. :wink_face: