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Howdy everyone! I am just getting started to the world of respectable audio, which it was about time to do anyway since I am a pretty intense music fan (mostly jazz these days). Anyway, I am also a poor grad student, and so I decided first to buy the much hyped Hifiman re-400 waterline series. I also have the standard senns cx 300 and a cheap set of riptidz which are surprisingly good for the price.

So far so good, I am enjoying the neutral sound, and the relative clarity. I also find the bass not nearly as timid as some seem to suggest. And the mids are wonderful. 

Anyway, I was reading that these iems really benefit from deep-insertion. The small rubber tips seem to allow for this better (the bundled medium ones can go deep over-ear, but they do get exhausting after brief usage...). However, the problem is that, well, I just can't seem to fit these damn things into the earphones! I don't know if there's something I should be doing to the tips before trying to put them on or not, but they are simply not going in easy. I have applied some significant pressure trying to do so with no luck, and I'm apprehensive that I might damage the earphone if I continue to push these things. I have been using the 'medium' comply foam tips, and they do sound rather well; but I would definitely like to try the other tips, just in case.

Anyway, I thank you guys in advance and hope this was clear enough! 




Ps - I'm eyeing the Senny Hd-600 or Hifiman he-400, with a fiio amp, for a future purchase!