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Im in!!
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Would also be interested in a meet. I haven't been to one before, so it would be great to meet others in Sydney with the same hobby.

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I'm in pending family commitments. But Sundays are good for me. OOH this will be my first meet

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I'd probably be in for a Sydney thing. I'd like to meet some fellow interested people and so on. I don't have a lot of goodies to show, though.. 

I was really tempted by the NZ Meet, though.. it's so cheap to get over there, it could really be good. 

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I can bring this stuff:



HD650, Q701, FA-003, DJ100, T50RP

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Oh yeah I forgot to list what I can bring


Laptop + everything in my profile

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Cool, your inventory has some stuff I was about to buy...

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I can bring:

Takstar Pro80
Yamaha HPH-200

My amps/DAC;
Audio Gd 15.32
Topping TP60
Emotiva Mini-x (haven't got them yet)
DX50 and PB2
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I'm also in Sydney, would love to help put together a meet up!!


Can bring my W5000, Mad Dogs 3.2, and my m4u2 if they'd be fixed by then...

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Looks like we're picking up a bit of steam!

Originally Posted by pkwak View Post

I am willing to organise another Can Con (4th) this year if there is enough interest, (minimum 25). Thinking May 11th tentatively.

Are you still willing to organise Can Con this year?? Pretty sure that a lot of us are keen and have shown interest :)

Hoping I don't have exams when the meet up happens :S

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It appears that we are on!

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I should be available, and I would love to attend. It was such a great experience last year. 


If I am going, I will bring along:

Auralic Gemini 2000




The littledot was too much of an effort, lol 

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Wonderful. :biggrin: 

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I want to come, but can't confirm until closer to the meet date, as I have so much going on right now...


If I do, can bring: TH900, Calyx Femto, and GSX-mk2

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Great to see the Can Con back again :D  


Sundays are fine for me. 


I can bring: Resonessence Labs Invicta dac and Sennheiser HD650s

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