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Help with midi

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Hi, I want to record what I am playing with my digital piano. The only outputs from the piano are the speakers, headphone jack, and midi. Whats the best way to get my performance onto a digital sound file. Should I go with the path of the headphone jack and get an analog to digital converter, or, through the midi and save it on some program. I know there are a lot of midi programs out there, many of them are expensive and have a lot of accessories i don't need. I just want get the best quality digital recording I can onto my computer without unnecessarily breaking the bank. Whats the secret?

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Midi will rely on the sythesizer used for playback. Also if your keyboard doesn't adequately support midi touch you will lose expressive content. If your synthesizer (PC software) is not so good, the results will stink.

If you are not interested in adding more tracks and dubbing, you can get a freeware sound recorder for your PC and use the line input on your PC to record from the headphone output of your piano. The PC should already have an ADC function, perhaps not the best but may be good enough for your purposes.

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As above, line-in on your PC

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