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Budget: Up to around $100.
Source: Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth receiver, or smartphone if the headphones have a mic and on-wire controls.
Requirements for Isolation: I'll be using them on my daily commute, biking and using public transport, so a little but not too much.
Preferred Type of Headphone: Earbuds with earhook (NOT IEMs! My left eardrum is punctured so those WILL NOT WORK for me).
Preferred tonal balance: Reasonably balanced.
Past headphones: Philips SHS3200 – The low-end was a bit lacking on these. I'm looking for a replacement, as the rubber-ring on the left 'bud popped off and disappeared.
Preferred Music: I mostly use them for podcasts and audiobooks, and a bit of Electro House music once in a while.
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.