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Oculus Rift: Anyone excited?

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Any of you been following the development of the Oculus Rift?


It looks like we may finally have the opportunity to experience a true, binocular vision, motion sensing, virtual reality headset sometime soon.    Over the years there have been some attempts to create devices like these, but the only ones I've ever seen make it to the consumer marker were weak attempts to simulate sitting in front of a 100" TV at best.


This looks like the engineers are nearing their design goals and will be able to give is a reasonably affordable unit that delivers on the promise of virtual reality, at least within the context of visual information.


But getting the technology to market at an affordable price is only half the battle.  The support of the software industry will determine the fate of this product I think.



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I am following it and a whole bunch of other prospects. The smartphone industry make it really cheap to do VR headsets all of a sudden. My biggest fear is that the resolution will just feel to lacking. Image quality do matter to me. Another thing I worry about is input lag which has been quite high on the prototypes I seen. But that can hopefully be improved upon :)


As for support for just a plain 2D image I would hope it would just work like any monitor meaning 100 % compability. The headtracking etc you can´t expect to be incorporated in every game of course.

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I think the idea and concept it's great. It will take game immersion to the next level

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Here's a vid of Skyrim using the Rift.  Looks like head motion can be directly mapped to mouse movements in some games.  Very cool.  But as you'll see in the first couple of seconds of gameplay that it's not a seamless transition to the newer technology. Skyrims engine doesn't deal with rendering shadows very well using the Rift.




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