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Closed, small-ish portables under $200

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Looking for something to run out of my tablet while I'm being a lazy bum in bed.  Would just use my D2000s, but the massive cups and the cable kind of get in the way (plus they live at my desk), and iems tend to hurt my ears if I leave them in too long.


I boarded the Martin Logan Mikros 90 hype train, but found them to be too detailed for my music collection (they picked out and emphasized every single flaw, including some I didn't even know existed), too bright in the treble, too finicky on placement, and a tad uncomfortable.


I'd prefer closed, and they'd either have to be supra-aural or small circumaural to avoid collisions with pillows.  I've got Amperiors and DT1350s on the way for a mini shootout.  Anything else I should be looking at?

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This is waaay below your price range but I posted in the Deals section about the Philips Downtown closed, on-ear memory foam cans for around $30 in grey (MSRP around $100). I think they are clearing them out ahead of a style change. 




Head-fi Deals post:


Steve Guttenberg's Cnet review:



I got a pair for my son and they are super comfy, have a pleasant bass presentation and don't leak much sound. If you have a significant other asleep next to you, they might not seal enough, though. Nowhere near as aggressive of a sound as your other two candidates, I guess, but I think they're a good deal for a vegging out, back up pair of headphones.

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Alright, something to keep in mind, I guess. Any other suggestions?

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The V-MODA M-80 is very pleasant for use while lying in bed, although they are pretty "noobish" headphones (not super detailed, pretty bassy).

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The V-Moda M80, Momentum On Ear, Beyer T51p, Kef m500, momentum over ear.
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Ok, picked up some M-80s for the shootout as well - for once the manufacturer has something cheaper than Amazon, and with a 60-day no hassle return period, too.  The other ones look good, but are unfortunately over my $200 budget.

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Watch out, since people complain about them leaking (even more than the Fidelio L1).
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Ok, thanks for the warning.  Not too worried about leakage though.

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Anything else under $200 that I should be considering apart from the DT1350, Amperior, and M80?  Is it worth throwing the HD25 into the ring as well, or is the Amperior better in every way?

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The new HD25 Aluminum is just as good as the Amperior.   The Amperior has been discontinued if that matters at all.


The Momentum On Ear, and M80 are great options.

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The HD25 Aluminum is also over $300, so that's a no-go - I was referring to the older version (HD25-1 II).  I'm not worried about the Amperior being discontinued.  Lowest price I can find the Momentum On Ear for is $230, which is over budget.  I'm working with a hard limit.
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I'd just go with the M-80but the Amperior is a great alternative.  The Amperior is an improvement over the HD25, so I wouldn't really consider them that much.

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